Why Are Arsenal Still Unready For Bigger Tasks?

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Arsenal were dispossessed of luck after a terrific start to the season not to mention Aston Villa’s 1-3 thumping at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal went to dogs from being at the pinnacle of Premier League table losing to Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City during the progress of their rout. Arsene Wenger was forced to exclude Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere and many other personages at times when he needed them the most to extricate Arsenal from slipping off the cliff and much to the Frenchman’s discomfort, Arsenal were nudged off the summit rather harshly by Liverpool on Christmas.

Though this season has been only as exciting as the previous nine odd seasons for non-Arsenal supporters, Arsene Wenger has cut the mustard as he made one too many players to extend their contracts with the North London outfit in addition to qualifying for Champions League for many years in a row that I lost count. Playing in what happens to be the last match that Premier League clubs are set to feature this campaign on seventeenth of May, a victory will do the job to make the friends of Arsenal supporters enjoy their cocktail. Tallying all these up, it’s truism to assert that Arsenal have enjoyed a pretty decent season if not a remarkable season.

Arsenal fans must now be accustomed to tight-fisted moves from the management of Arsenal but the expectations are a little hefty this transfer window having won the signature of Mesut Ozil only the previous season. Though I am not the jack of Math and all, I can well conjecture that more than 99% of Arsenal supporting population wants someone who just rests on the body of the defenders on the other end under the pretext of controlling the ball and looking as sluggish as it could ever get to lead Arsenal upfront. The longest serving Arsenal manager is also tipped to embellish his first team with notable additions such as Karim Benzema in the place of Nicklas Bendtner though the French manager, himself, is uncertain of his future with the club.

A whole host of underused players skippered by Thomas Vermaelen will be in the lookout for some time on the pitch, which they will be deprived off if they play their trade at Emirates Stadium. The unrest gang might envelop Lukasz Fabianski, Serge Gnabry and Nicklas Bendtner. To add insult to the injury, Bacary Sagna is currently doing a Robin van Persie and it should not come as a surprise since he should now be buying his model wife more expensive clothing instead of pledging his loyalty to Arsenal.

Arsenal do need enforcements as signings to further enhance their chances of winning their first Premier League in ten years but the Arsenal manager already has the headache of settling things right at Arsenal before bringing new spark to Arsenal. Though this transfer window might look a little easy from a distance, it would be a Herculean task to convince the likes of Thomas Vermaelen to only be a squad player for the seasons to come.

If Arsene Wenger could actually land a profilic goal scorer, a replacement for Bacary Sagna, who’s as competent as him or perhaps, more competent than him in addition to maintaining his squad depth, Arsenal supporters could now start packing their bags for the trophy parade which would be scheduled shortly after Arsenal claim their fourteenth English top division title next campaign.

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