Who Would Be Manchester United’s Fourth Signing? Trying To Break The Myth

Jose Mourinho, the new manager of Manchester United, has just finished his first press conference as the manager of the club.

While the tone of the conference was pretty gloomy, one thing is certain is that Henrikh Mkhitaryan is coming to Manchester United. This makes it his third signing of the summer. However one important takeaway from the conference was the fourth signing. Who is this fourth signing that Mourinho was talking about?

United have already signed Eric Bailly, a defender, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a striker and (incoming) Henrikh Mkhitaryan, a winger. With David De Gea at the post, it is extremely unlikely that the Red Devils will sign a goalkeeper especially when Sergio Romero is available on standby. The only position that the Portuguese can fill now is of central midfielder and looks like that is what Mourinho is aiming for.

United has not had a world class controlling midfielder since the departure of Paul Scholes. With Carrick aging and Schweinsteiger failing to impress at Premier League Rooney has slowly shifted into the midfield position but Jose does not want him to play there. Thus we are pretty confident that the next signing is going to be a central midfielder.

From the way Mourinho spoke, it seemed that signing that central midfielder is going to be a difficult task. No credit for guessing who is the one United are going after. Paul Pogba. Well if he returns United will be one of the fearsome club in Europe next season.

Written by David Sangma

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