Who Will Represent England In The CL Next Season?

Manchester City are going to win the league, but thankfully, there’s still plenty of interest left in this Premier League campaign, most notably regarding who will finish in the top four. There are plenty of teams still in contention; realistically, any of the teams that currently occupy the top eight positions in the league table could end up in the top four come the end of the season.

In this blog, we’ll run through some of the contenders to represent England in the Champions League next season. We’re working under the assumption that Manchester City will, of course, be there, and probably Manchester United too.


It was always going to be difficult for Liverpool to win back-to-back titles, but, even accounting for that difficulty, it’s hard to explain what quite went wrong. Liverpool’s 2020/21 campaign isn’t the worst title defence of the Premier League era, but it’s not far off. With all hope of winning the league gone, the Merseyside club will hope they can at least secure a top-four position and bag a spot in next year’s Champions League competition.But even that’s looking increasingly unlikely. They just can’t seem to win, or even draw, in the league these days even after the return of new signing Diogo Jota.

As such, their best method might be to simply win the CL since the winner automatically gets a place in the following season’s competition. Despite their struggles in the domestic league, experts that make Champions League betting tips continue to back Liverpool — one, because they’re playing well in Europe, and two, because if there’s one team that can turn a season-to-forget into a season-to-remember, it’s Liverpool. They’ll have to overcome Europe’s in-form teams, such as Bayern Munich, PSG, and Manchester City, but they’ll relish the challenge, especially since the final will be in Istanbul, a city they know all too well.

Leicester City

Is there a more likeable team than Leicester City? Of all the clubs that might represent England in Europe’s premier competition, the neutrals will want Brendan Rodger’s to do the business. They’ve had a terrific season so far, and you have to think that if Manchester City hadn’t dominated the league so convincingly, they might have repeated the magic of the 2015/16 campaign and made a bid for the title.

Not that Rodgers will be too disappointed where they currently sit. They’re just behind Manchester United, in third, and if they can put together a strong end to the season, then you’d back them to finish second. You imagine that it’ll take something to go wrong for them to drift away at this stage. The only concern will be the relatively small size of their squad, but the teams around them aren’t necessarily better in that department anyway.


The West London club have had something of a strange season. It was all going well under Frank Lampard until it wasn’t. Suddenly, Chelsea were looking limp and going nowhere. But in a testament to the power of firing a manager and getting someone else in, Chelsea have turned it around. Tuchel has brought a defensive resilience to the side that has made Chelsea much more difficult to beat, and now all their problems seem very far away indeed. With ten games to go, Tuchel will hope that he has a Midas touch, rather than just beginner’s luck. If he can ride his strong start for a few more months, then it’ll be a highly promising start to the German’s tenure at Stamford Bridge.

West Ham

West Ham in the Champions League? It would be something. Everyone’s been waiting for the Hammers to fade away into obscurity, yet here we are in March, and it still hasn’t happened. There’s a strong sense of togetherness about David Moyes’ men, which always bodes well when you’re talking about a side that hasn’t been anywhere close to this position for as long as anyone can remember.

Moyes will hope that Jesse Lingard continues his impressive start to his West Ham career. If he does, then we might just see the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid lining up against the Hammers next season.

Written by Balachandran B

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