Who Should Arsenal Sign? A Belgian Beast Or This Spanish Finisher From Serie A?

Arsenal’s requirement for a top striker certainly will go on for quite a while. The Gunners have Olivier Giroud but no one else who can take up the scoring mantle and that has been one of the biggest problems faced by the London club in recent years.

Last year they had Alexis Sanchez do a lot of the scoring which masked some of the deficiencies that Giroud has but this season that has come out again into the open due to the lack of goals from Sanchez.

It isn’t a surprise that Arsenal is linked with some of the top players in the world and with Arsene Wenger willing to spend money for the right players it would not be a surprise to see the French manager spend once again in the summer, especially after the Euros to bring quality into the attack.

Two players who could be moving in the summer are Romelu Lukaku, who has sparked rumours about a move to Manchester United and Alvaro Morata. Lukaku has been scoring goals for fun in the Premier League and seems to have finally become the article that Chelsea wanted but Everton got.

Morata on the other hand, has been overshadowed by the form of Dybala but he is great at what he does and that is hassling the defence, plus if he is partnered with Giroud, he could really cause a lot of damage in England but which player would be perfect for a move to Arsenal?

We use Squawka.com to find out just who could suit Arsenal better. Only looking at stats from the per 90-minute segment, we are to compare the Belgian and Spaniard from their league campaigns so far.

Spend money on Lukaku or try for another foreign import?

Arsenal is a team that needs its players to move around and well pass the ball around as well, so passing is an extremely important stat for any forward in the team. Lukaku is just beaten by Morata in those stats as the Juventus striker manages a 79% pass accuracy per 90 minutes compared to Lukaku’s 74%.

It isn’t just how well you pass the ball but what you do with it and that is what Lukaku, surprisingly is better at than Morata. The Belgian manages 1.47 key passes per 90 minutes compared to Morata’s 1.26. Morata and Lukaku do however have the same stat when it comes to creating goals with 0.22 assists per 90 for the duo.

The stat that really differentiates them is the goal scoring, Lukaku scores 0.65 goals per 90 minutes while Morata only manages 0.44 per 90. The Spaniard though is a better shooter at goal with a shot accuracy of 64% compared to Lukaku’s 53%. (As per Squawka)

The duo is almost inseparable when it comes to taking on defenders or even in aerial duels won. The final decision could fall down to the one who is more comfortable in England and would take less time to settle in.

Lukaku has been in the Premier League for a long time and knows the league extremely well while Morata would need time to adjust to the rigours of the Premier League. The simple choice would be to spend big money and get Lukaku, he is strong in the air, has pace to burn and is a proven Premier League striker.

He would fit in any side easily and well; it is up to Arsene to spend the right amount of cash to get him.


Written by Kevin Harrison

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