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Who Is This “Next Higuain” That Tottenham Are Willing To Sign?

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jonathan calleri

Tottenham’s pursuit for the next great striker to either help Harry Kane or play in his absence could go to South America, some might say it should have come sooner since their manager is Argentine but Tottenham do seem to have a player on their mind.

Jonathan Calleri is a striker on loan at Brazilian club Sao Paulo and although not much is known about the player, it does seem that Spurs are extremely interested on a flair player for their forward line, something that South Americans are known for.

London calling for Calleri

The 22-year-old started his professional career for All Boys before signing up for one of the biggest clubs in South America, Boca Juniors. The Argentine player scored 16 times in 41 league games for the side before he moved to Deportivo Maldonado in Uruguay and now he plays in the Brazilian league.

Jonathan plays mostly as a centre forward, which would be good news for Tottenham fans and he is adept enough to play out on the wing as well. His preferred foot is his right foot which relates to him playing on the right side of the attack.

His market value has skyrocketed to 7.5 million pounds, which is a fair amount of money for a player who hasn’t hit the heights of some of the other youngsters in South America. Calleri is touted as the next Gonzalo Higuain and that is some mantle to keep up as well.

The greatest asset for the youngster is his movement, he isn’t someone who sticks to play down the middle of the attack but his drifting nature does help to stretch defences and that leads to spaces for other teammates to exploit and use.

Tottenham do have some players who run into these kind of openings such as Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli. Calleri also has a great burst of acceleration which helps him easily get past opponents and that would be a requirement if he is to survive in the Premier League.

The 22-year-old though isn’t the strongest player in the air and neither is his ability to hold the ball up for long good. He isn’t the burly striker that you would expect to lead the line but someone who can work the channels and having him play alongside Kane with the midfield behind them could be something amazing.

Calleri though is not the finished article and it would be exciting to see how Pochettino could polish this piece of coal into a diamond, he has done it this season with lots of youngsters and who knows he could do it again with this young Argentine striker.

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