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Which is the Top London Football Club?

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arsenal spurs north london derby wenger poch

arsenal spurs north london derby wenger poch

Plenty of great football clubs call London their home; Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham, and West Ham are among the top well-known clubs currently playing in the Premier League. But there are plenty of other clubs worth a mention. In fact, it’s fair to say some of them deserve a lot more recognition than they currently receive.

While fans could argue, very emotionally, about which London club is the best, such locker-room banter is riddled with bias and favouritism based on personal feelings and club culture rather than hard irrefutable facts.

Professional punters know that betting, whether on a premier league game or at an offers, is best done based on statistics, past performance, and probability data. So, which is the best London club to bet on? Here’s the irrefutable proof – based on 5 measurable criteria, and historical data.

  1. League titles

There is only one London club which is a consistent league title winner – Arsenal. The club has claimed a total of 13 league titles in its history. Chelsea boasts 5 league titles and Tottenham 2 league titles (the last one back in 1961). Meanwhile, the best league performance of Crystal Palace and West Ham was finishing in third place, back in 1991 and 1986, respectively.

  1. FA Cups

Again, Arsenal takes first position with a staggering 12 FA Cup wins, beating Tottenham’s 8 FA Cup wins, Chelsea’s 7 FA Cup wins, and West Ham’s 3 FA Cup wins. Crystal Palace were FA Cup runners up in 2016.


  1. Match attendance

Arsenal claims victory once again when it comes to drawing crowds at home games. In the 19 home Premier League games last season, the gunners drew crowds totalling 59,957. West ham had 56,972; Chelsea 41,508; Tottenham 31,639 and Crystal Palace 25,161.

  1. Twitter followers

Chelsea currently has a Twitter following of 7.77 million, but Arsenal tops it with 8.83 million followers. Tottenham has 2.38 million, West Ham 1.3 million and Crystal Palace 623,000.

  1. Sales of merchandise

Finally, Chelsea fans can rejoice. Last season, Chelsea earned a whopping £113 million in revenue from sales of its merchandise. Arsenal earned substantially less, £79 million. Tottenham merchandising revenue was £12 million, West Ham earned £9.3 million, and Crystal Palace earned £5 million.

Undoubtedly, Arsenal and Chelsea set themselves apart, from the other popular London clubs. And while entertainment, childhood memories, and a whole host of other factors can contribute to a club being the best on a personal level –  the hard data doesn’t lie. Arsenal is clearly the #1 London football club in terms of titles won, attendance at home games, and revenue generated by sales of its merchandise.