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Where Does The Current Manchester United Squad Need A Rebuild?

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Louis van Gaal

A very interesting question. Most of the United faithful think that the team needs a major rebuilding. But there are also many that think that the team are on the right track and given a little bit more time, they will strike some good form. Well personally, I do think that the team needs rebuilding. Even though the Manchester United side has shown some strong and good performances against the likes of the big teams of the EPL, they have faltered badly against the like of the small teams. That is not what is expected from a team of Manchester United’s calibre. I think the team needs rebuilding because of certain specific factors and let us have an in-depth look at them.

Make-shift defence:

Even though the Manchester United defence has been called as the best in the EPL sometimes this season, the truth is that it might break down anytime. The central defensive pair of Chris Smalling and Daley Blind has produced wonder at times. For example in the very recent match against Everton, the Central defensive pair did a very good job. But if one analyses the game strategy of Louis Van Gaal and tries to explain that to his team in the best possible way, then the United defence is a just a piece of cake to break. We saw that in the match against Arsenal at the Emirates. United conceded 3 goals in 20 minutes and everyone was shocked. We saw the defence falter in matches against Swansea, Bournemouth, Norwich, Stoke, Sunderland and West Brom. United defence was caught too up in their own half and the opposition took advantage of it. Even though Daley Blind is having more than a decent run of form in the Central defensive role, he is very weak to be a central defender. He did conquer Romelu Lukaku in the recent match but we have seen him been bulldozed by other prominent strikers in terms of physicality and pace. Against a fast attacking team like Liverpool, the defence gets absolutely dismantled as there is no time to decide on things. We saw the example of this in the Europa League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United. All these factors tell us that United need a more prominent centre back in place of Daley Blind.


Unpredictable Midfield:

Another major problem with the current Manchester United squad is the unpredictability of the midfield. While in some matches, the midfield has produced some decent performances, in most matches they look confused. You can’t blame the players solely. Every midfield player has played at almost all of the midfield positions. Juan Mata has played at Left wing attack, right wing attack, central attacking midfielder role. Even Jesse Lingard and Antony Martial has played at all those positions. Ander Herrera has played at Central defensive midfield, Central attacking midfield role and right wing. The entire midfield looks so confusing at times. Even the players look confused about their duties as they don’t know where they will be playing next. I understand that Louis Van Gaal is someone who likes to try out various experiments but when your team is faltering in matches against the likes of Norwich and Sunderland, you need to look for more stability rather than experimentation. However, that was not the case. And we have seen the results of that. The FA Cup looks the only silverware that United might win this season and the qualification for Champions League is looking tough. There has to be rebuilding in the midfield and the players have to be given a specified role. Experimentation is not good enough for the long run.


Lacklustre Attack:

The prime highlight of this season for Manchester United has been their lack of goals. The first half of the season was very frustrating for everyone who supports Manchester United. Such bad was the form of this team that once had so many attacks on goal that the opposition team used to be baffled. The second half has been comparatively much better. The likes of Rashford and Martial have given some enjoyment to the fans but even they have been quite silent in most of the matches. Club captain and legend Wayne Rooney looks nowhere near his old best and this is a concern for everyone at the club. You need someone prolific in the Manchester United attack. Someone who finishes even the half chances. Someone who is always there to receive the right pass. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case this season.

The team has to rebuild until the time all the above-mentioned factors have been resolved .