What’s All The Fuss About Suarez, Liverpool Are Better Off Without Him!

What is Liverpool’s goal this season? With no Europa League to drain and distract them this coming season, a return to the top 4 should and I am sure will be the number one thing Liverpool should be aiming for and expecting!

Luis Suarez to leave Anfield?

Is having a World Class player in your team the only way of achieving Champions League Qualification? I believe not! Did having Suarez in the team achieve this for Liverpool? Have Tottenham qualified for champions league this season with the hottest property on the planet in their team?

Teams such as Chelsea and Arsenal don’t have the caliber of player Liverpool and Tottenham enjoy in Suarez and Bale respectfully. Yes they do have a lot a fantastic players in their squads but that is exactly the point, they have many great players to choose from and this is the difference that we are seeing come end of year.

In Everton’s case they don’t even have anywhere near the squad depth or class of players that the top 5 or even Liverpool have, yet they still perform to a level in which they can mix it with the best but as Everton’s results over the last few seasons show, at the back end of the campaign that squad depth is pivotal in mounting a challenge on the top 4 summit.

Both the Manchester teams have that same squad depth but they have blended it with top of the world players such as Van Persie and Yaya Toure (World class doesn’t need to be pigeon holed to just forwards). This is the difference I believe we are finding between top 2 and the rest.

So how can Liverpool go about building the squad depth that the top 4 flaunt around? I think the key is the sale of Suarez. Don’t get me wrong I think Suarez is an amazing player! I have constantly woken my house mates with my celebrations of a Suarez winner in the early hours of the morning, but I am a Liverpool supporter first and seeing them in the top 4 challenging in champions league is of far greater importance to me than bragging of having a world class player in the squad. This I feel can only be done by having players who want to be there and who will give their all (and not be un-available for large chunks of the season through suspension).

The sale of Suarez is not required to fund a 6 player swoop, with the funds collected from fringe or want away players a greater squad can be built. There is much talk about Suarez’ flirtation with Madrid however in a Brendan Rodgers squad, the system rules over all. A single player should never dictate a change from the system that is trying to be implemented.

Many LFC supporters including myself have reached the end of their tether defending Suarez’ antics simply because he is a LFC player. If 40 to 50 m pounds can be gained from selling Suarez to help aid in building the squad depth, then I say ‘Adios’ to a player who wants away. As Torres was top of the world when his transfer out of Melwood shocked and gave many LFC fan’s extra kindling for their braziers to help them through the cold winter, Suarez is of similar global ilk. Will he evoke a similar response, some fans have already taken a head start on the Suarez jersey burning. However fans can sit easier this time around as funds from a sale will not be squandered in a similar panicked fashion.

With the rumored initial 20 million Rodgers was supplied with and sales from the unwanted (Suarez, Carroll, Skrtel, Coates, Jones, Assaidi), a transfer kitty of over 90 million is there to be used. The estimated 55 million used to bring in players like Toure (free), Aspas (7.7m), Mkhitaryan (20m), Alberto (6.7m), Mignolet (10m) and Ilori (10m), then that depth is forming nicely. Strengthening other weak areas such as a new striker to replace Suarez, a second left back and another defensive midfielder, Liverpool in my opinion can qualify for champions league next season and with that carrot and the revenue which follows, world class players will once again flock to Anfield.

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Written by Dinesh V

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