What to wear to yoga class

If you’ve never been to yoga class, it can be intimidating. Not only is there the fear of looking like the novice you are when it comes to the poses, there’s the concern about looking the part. What should you wear? Do you need dedicate yoga clothes? What’s the fashion protocol? Is it all about looking good, or is there a particular reason for choosing certain kinds of yoga wear? Let’s unpack all of this below.

When it comes to athletic clothing for yoga, comfort is key. The reason for this is twofold. Not only will you be moving your body in a variety of ways to achieve the necessary poses, but since a big component of the success of any yoga class is the ability to relax the mind, you don’t want to have to be distracted by anything that is uncomfortable. Comfortable, well-fitting and non-constricting clothes are the best choice.

Pure (preferably organic) cotton is the best choice for material. It is comfortable and will allow your body to move freely. Also, it will allow the skin to breathe and moisture will be able to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable.

In regards to colour and pattern, there sky is the limit in yoga wear. Choose designs that appeal to your sense of style and have fun with it!

Yoga wear varies greatly in cost. Although investing in good quality is always a good idea, that doesn’t necessarily equate to purchasing the most expensive pieces you can find. Remember that in some cases that high price tag is simply to pay for the privilege of wearing a certain brand name on our chest. If you are going to invest money in good yoga clothing, be sure you are paying for features such as “stay dry” fabrics, fabrics that will hold their shape and that will not fade with washing. Those are things that are worth spending money on. If you want to purchase clothing that features a certain logo, be sure you are also getting these features as well.

In terms of the actual clothing items you’ll need for a yoga class, there are many different choices you can make. Of course, yoga pants are a great choice (What? You didn’t realize those yoga pants you wear to the grocery store are actually meant for yoga?) but you can also wear bike shorts or leggings as well. Snug-fitting tank tops, crop tops or sports bras are the order of the day for your upper deck. Add a zip-up yoga hoodie in a breathable fabric for before and after your workout and you’re good to go. And remember, because yoga is typically done barefoot, you won’t need any special footwear for your class! Throw on your favourite running shoes an you are good to go.

Heading into your first yoga class can certainly be intimidating. Knowing how to at least look the part can help to take some of the nervousness out of the idea, and help you ease into the class with confidence.



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