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What if: Neymar And Gareth Bale Played For The Same Team?

Neymar will arguably be the best player in the world in a couple of years. The Brazilian’s skills and ball-control are second to none. He is only 24 years old and is already the fourth on the list of Brazil’s all-time top scorers with 50 goals in only 75 appearances and a legend in his country. At Barcelona, it is only a matter of time before he takes up Lionel Messi’s mantle.

Gareth Bale, on the other hand, is one of the best talents ever produced by the United Kingdom. He is fast, has a brilliant left foot and a trick or two up his sleeve. The 27-year-old winger has scored 26 times for his country in 65 appearances and is certainly on his way to greatness. Many consider him as Cristiano Ronaldo’s successor at Real Madrid and a future Ballon d’Or winner.

Here, we try to comprehend three scenarios that might have occurred if the two turned out in the same colors.

#3 Sponsorship issues


The team boasting both Neymar and Bale would attract a lot of sponsors, that’s a certainty. Neymar is sort of a cult hero for many, while Bale is a more sophisticated personality. Both, however, have their own reach amongst the public. With Neymar heading the American front and Bale heading the European, it would be a dream combination for any sports manufacturer.

But while Neymar endorses Nike, Bale, on the other hand, endorses Adidas. This will make it interesting as to how Nike and Adidas go head to head to be the main sponsor of the team and how much money they churn out. And it would be no surprise if other companies come in wit unrealistic bids in order to sponsor the team that has both the superstars in their ranks.

#2 Goals would galore in every match


Neymar and Bale are proven goal scorers. Not only are they goal scorers, but both possess an eye for making the right pass in order to assist a team-mate. Both Neymar and Bale have scored over 100 career goals at club level and that too playing at one of the toughest leagues in the world. It would be safe to say, that any team that has both Neymar and Bale would not have any problems in finding the back of the net.

Also, would it not be great to watch a combination of the Latin American style of football and the European style of football on the pitch? With the South American assisting and the European scoring or the European assisting and the South American scoring, ah what joy!

#1 Opposition full-backs would be torn apart

Neymar and Bale are arguably two of the best wingers in the world currently. Imagine a team that has Neymar fooling defenders on the left flank with his bag of tricks and Bale outpacing defenders on the right flank with his immense speed! What more is both possess the uncanny ability to score from distance, the ultimate nightmare for any defence in the world.

The opposition full-backs would be left scampering for ground. They would not have any idea whether to stop them from cutting inside and taking a venomous shot on goal, or to stop them from going outside and crossing the ball into the danger area.