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What Happens To This Manchester United Superstar When Jose Mourinho Arrives?

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Jose Mourinho

Every Manchester United fan wants to welcome Jose Mourinho from the beginning of the next season and wants to forget everything that has happened under Van Gaal, including Ashley Young playing as a center forward.

Jokes apart, it is a constant rumor that Mourinho might arrive at Old Trafford from next season and if it happens then for sure, many players have to find an another club if they want to be in the sport. Honestly speaking and I meant no offence but, players like Ashley Young, Carrick, Antonio Valencia, Fellaini, Rojo won’t fit the bill of Mourinho. The Portuguese is a fully attacking minded coach and on the other hand, wants his players to come back at defending whenever necessary. He is known for his planning in game communication. He always loves to try different formations in different situations.

For example- in the 2013-14 season, when Chelsea needed one goal within ten minutes to progress, he played a risky 4-1-2-3 in the last quarter and that led to Demba Ba’s winning goal. And also, we know the ‘bus’ he invented against Barcelona.

What if he arrives? What transformation will he do? And most importantly, What will happen to Juan Mata?

After Mourinho returned to Chelsea for his second spell, his relationship with Mata turned sour. The 2 times player of the season for the blues vanished from the field and was benched for most of the time. Soon after his arrival, he started Hazard, Oscar and Willian in the midfield with Oscar as the number 10 man. Soon they started to have a bitter relationship between each other and by the end of Mata’s time at Stamford Bridge, he and Mourinho were not on speaking terms. Both had some chit-chats amongst each other and everyone knew that it didn’t work out well.

Mourinho wants his players to be quick, quick in terms of attacking and quick when it comes to defending. They had a controversy and Mourinho accused the Spain international of being a luxury player. Juan Mata then had a perfect answer for the Portuguese and stated:

“If a luxury player is a player who scores and assists and has good stats, then I’m happy to be a luxury player.”

The manager needs creativity in the middle of the park where Schneiderlin and Herrera might do great work for him but he may opt and another central midfielder, like Fabregas he had, who can find some assists, and can be a good tackler. He needs pace in the flanks where the player can run down towards the goal and can find an unmarked player or can have a shot, which Hazard and Willian did to an exceptional level for the manager. He then needs a highly creative number 10 where Rooney can be a good fit. Then what about Mata?

There is still much more to the game that the Spaniard can offer. If a player like Mata is made available in the market, almost every big club will be hunting to get this player on their side. He is popular player amongst United’s demanding fan base and his removal won’t be a popular decision.

Mata is a highly creative midfielder and everyone knows that but somehow, he lacks in terms of defending, he lacks in terms of pace and that are the attributes Mourinho wants most. He can surely turn Memphis Depay into a beast as he was last season with PSV, the boy has pace, has the talent but don’t have a proper guide who can teach him the lessons of Barclays Premier League. Most of us will think that Mata will be on the way out but for me, Juan is a gem; he is the player behind most of the goals. Selling him might cost United a big price. Keep him there at the midfield, make him work like a horse and then surely, he can fit in the plans of the Portuguese tactician Jose Mourinho.