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What EPL Teams Will Finish in the Top 4 in the 2022/2023 Season?

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We are over ⅓ through the 2022/2023 EPL season, and it is gearing up for a super exciting finish. Currently, Arsenal are 5 points clear of Man City, but the EPL title is still up for grabs. In this article, we will explore which teams are going to finish the 2022/2023 EPL season in the top 4 and who will miss out. To bet on your favorite EPL team making the top 4, head to .

Man City

Man City are 5 points behind Arsenal and currently sitting in second place. They lost their last EPL match before the 2022 World Cup against Brentford in a massive upset. This gave Arsenal a little cushion.

Man City have looked strong this season, but their defense has been a bit leaky, and some lapses in concentration have allowed rivals to score. But when they are playing well, they look destined to score 3 or more goals every game, thanks to the signing of wonderkid Erling Haaland, who has 18 goals in 12 EPL matches.

Haaland has linked up amazingly well with De Bruyne. As the season goes on, Man City should eventually catch Arsenal and win another title.


Arsenal have impressed everyone with how well they have played this season. Their manager Arteta has got the Gunners playing beautiful football.

New signings Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko have been strong. While Xhaka, Martinelli, and Saka have been on another level.

There are still doubts over whether Arsenal can maintain their form and beat other top teams in the EPL. We can’t wait until they take on Man City and have a rematch against Man Utd.

As the season continues, we expect Arsenal to drop a few games, which will be enough for Man City to overtake them late in the season.


With Harry Kane leading their attack, Tottenham are always going to be hard to beat. Kane is in strong form and has already scored 12 goals.

Kane also has his trusty sidekick Son Heung-min who is starting to find his previous season’s form.

Tottenham is currently sitting in 4th place and are 1 point behind Newcastle. We expect Tottenham to continue to improve as the season goes on and overtake Newcastle. We can’t wait for these two teams to face each other! The game will be on the 23rd of April, when they last played in October, Newcastle won 2-1.


Nobody expected Newcastle to be this good. In 15 games they have lost just once to Liverpool back in September. The only reason they aren’t right up there with Arsenal is thanks to their 6 draws.

Miguel Almirón has been sensational this season. He has already scored 8 goals, and his electric runs have taken Newcastle’s attack to another level.

Man Utd

Unfortunately for Man Utd fans, we have the Red Devils finishing in 5th place and just missing out on the Champions League.

Ronaldo has come out and made some shocking accusations about the lack of professionalism, poor training facilities, and ancient technology at the club.

Despite spending massive money on new signings, Man Utd are not a top 4 EPL team. Maybe next season, when they add a few new pieces and Ten Haag fully settles in, they will be ready to compete with Arsenal and Man City. But in the 2022/2023 season, at best, they can scrape into the top 4, but their titles’ chances are over.

Final Thoughts

At the start of the 2022/2023 EPL season, nobody would have predicted that Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man Utd would finish out of the top 4. Especially Liverpool, who came oh so close to beating Man City last year.

However, that is the most likely scenario with the current standings and how the teams have been playing. 

Arsenal are clear at the top of the table, but we expect them to finish second eventually. We predict they will lose some key games against the top 6 teams, allowing Man City to overtake them and win another title. Comment below who you think will finish in the top 4 in the EPL this season!