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What Can You Bet on During Lockdown at Paddy Power?

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If you’ve turned on the television or radio recently, there is a good chance you’ve noticed a stark difference in the available entertainment for sports fans. During the worldwide pandemic, the lockdown has forced the cancellation of many sporting events, leaving sports fans grasping for any semblance of competition. 

With so many sporting events on hold during the lockdown, what is left for gamblers to bet on? Let’s find out.

What You Can Bet on During Lockdown at Paddy Power

The coronavirus pandemic has made difficult times for companies that rely on mainstream sports. Many European sports betting companies were initially at a loss for ways to continue to generate revenue despite the pandemic.

However, recently many sports betting firms, like onlinesportsbettingsites.co.uk/paddy-power have found a glimmer of hope in lesser-known sports leagues and competitions. Despite most sports leagues and competitions being cancelled or postponed, there are still a few available that sports betting sites have begun to feature.

Sites like Paddy Power have begun offering bets on the few sports still taking place. This includes table tennis, tennis, hockey, esports, and football. Another popular option for gamblers looking to place a sports bet is Australian horse racing. The available options may be far from what you are used to betting on, but they still provide a great source of entertainment for sports bettors. 

Fans of international football are in luck because there are several opportunities available to bet on the sport. Paddy Power and other sports betting sites have continued to offer wagering on leagues and competitions such as the following:

  • Belarusian Premier League
  • Belarusian Reserves
  • German Bundesliga
  • South Korean K League Classic
  • South Korean K League Challenge
  • Belarusian 1st Division
  • Faroe Premier League
  • Taiwanese Football Premier League
  • Taiwanese Women
  • Turkmenistan Higher League
  • Polish Ekstraklasa
  • Serbian Super League
  • Danish Superliga
  • Austrian Bundesliga

While the teams and players may be different than what you are used to, the betting opportunities remain the same. Consider catching a match in a league you have never seen before and try for a chance to potentially win some money in the process.

Virtual Sports Gambling

It is no surprise that both individuals and large companies have gotten creative with sports betting during the lockdown. Companies like IMG Arena and ATP Media have taken inspiration from the lack of sporting events during the pandemic and adapted in a way that only the latest technology could allow.

Because both the ATP and WTA tours have been suspended with the Grand Slams are postponed, fans have been unable to bet on tennis matches. To fill the void, the ATP Tour partnered with IMG Arena to create an officially licensed, virtual tennis product that will pique the interest of tennis fans across the globe.

The hope is that whether the lockdown and sports restrictions continue or not, virtual sports will serve as more opportunities for gamblers and sports fans to find the entertainment they are so desperately seeking.

Hope for the Near Future

You may have heard it said that nothing lasts forever. Such is certainly the case with the current sports climate. There has been talk of European soccer games resuming by the middle to the end of June. Those matches would likely be closed to the public but bettors would once again have the opportunity to bet on their favorite teams. That is great news for both gamblers and the companies that make sports betting possible.

Risks of Online Gambling During COVID-19 Lockdown

While there is always a risk when partaking in online gambling, there is an increased risk during the COVID-19 lockdown. The circumstances of the pandemic lockdown have proven to be challenging for practically all members of our society. However, being stuck at home for extended periods of time, social distancing, or furloughed can have a major impact on a person’s wellbeing.

This is particularly concerning for problem gamblers. If you have had problems with gambling in the past, are currently struggling with problem gambling, or know someone who does, you should pay close attention.

Because there are still numerous opportunities for gamblers despite the lockdown, as mentioned above, it’s more important than ever that necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those most at risk.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) has been in contact with major online gambling providers to remind them of their responsibility to keep the wellbeing of players in mind. The hope is that they can prevent new players from developing harmful gambling habits, while also keeping former addicts away from what got them in trouble in the first place.

If you feel that you are losing control of your gambling habits, don’t wait another minute to get help. BeGambleAware.org is an excellent website to visit for resources on how to regain control of your life and kick the troubling habit. In the meantime, you can take the following steps to stay on top of your gambling habits and prevent a problem from occurring down the road:

  • Spend more time outside when possible. Take a walk or get some exercise to get your mind off gambling.
  • If you do decide to gamble, always keep track of how much time and money you are spending on the habit each day. It’s much easier than you may realize to lose track while gambling.
  • Keep in constant contact with friends and family. Don’t isolate yourself, even while practicing social distancing. The support of loved ones can make a big difference in your overall mental health.
  • Take part in other activities or hobbies. Gambling online and betting on sports can be a fun activity, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do and enjoy.
  • Check-in with yourself as much as possible to self-monitor your wellbeing.