West Ham United Player Wages 2022: Weekly salaries, contract details, and agents

West Ham United are one of the major English clubs. We bring you all the latest player wages and weekly salaries from West Ham United Football Club.

The Hammers are one of the veteran clubs globally and come in the top 20 of the most valuable teams. In addition, they are among the top 10 highest paying football teams in the Premier League, and many of their players are on lucrative contracts in the Premier League. Here we tell you about the players’ wages, weekly salaries and contract details of West Ham United Players.

Current West Ham Players Wages and Contracts 2022

West Ham United was formed in 1895 as Thames Ironworks and reformed in 1900 as West Ham United. They initially competed in the Southern League before joining the Football League in 1919 and were promoted to the top flight in 1923. In 1940 they won the inaugural Football League War.

The Hammers have been winners of the F.A. Cup three times and won the European Cup Winners cup in 1965. They are one of the eight clubs never to have fallen below the second tier of English football.

West Ham United Player Wages 2022: Weekly salaries, contract details, and agents
West Ham United (Peakpx)

The Club was founded as Thames Ironworks by Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company, foreman and local league referee Dave Taylor and Owner Arnold Hills. In 2010 David Sullivan and David Gold acquired a 50% share in West Ham. On 2 July 2013, Sullivan received a further 25% of shares after restructuring the debt of the Club. However, on 10 November 2021, the Club announced that Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský acquired 27% shares of the Club, reducing the claims of Gold and Sullivan at the Club.

West Ham United’s highest-paid player 

Kurt Zouma was West Ham’s highest-paid player in 2021-2022. The French international joined West Ham United in 2021 for £29.8 million, signing a four-year contract and has been a regular for the Club since then. He is the highest-paid player for West Ham, with a weekly salary of £120,000.

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Kurt Zouma (The Mirror)

Since he joined, He led them to a win in the Europa League over Dinamo Zagreb and a win against the mighty Liverpool.

West Ham United Player Wages 2022 and contracts- Complete list 

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Kurt ZoumaD272025£ 62,40,000£ 1,20,000
Andriy YarmolenkoF322024£ 59,80,000£ 1,15,000Pro Star
Jared BowenF252025£ 50,00,000£ 96,154PLG
Manuel LanziniM292023£ 36,40,000£ 70,000Hernan Berman
Pablo FornalsM262025£ 35,00,000£ 67,308Toldra Consulting S.L
Tomas SoucekM272024£ 35,00,000£ 67,308Int. Sport Management s.r.o
Issa DiopD252023£ 34,84,000£ 67,000firsteleven ISM
Aaron CresswellD322023£ 26,00,000£ 50,000Unique Sports Group
Craig DawsonD312023£ 22,10,000£ 42,500Unique Sports Group
Darren RandolphGK342023£ 21,00,000£ 40,385Unique Sports Group
Arthur MasuakuD282026£ 20,80,000£ 40,000Sports Cover
Vladimir CoufalD292025£ 16,00,000£ 30,769K2K Sports Entertainment Group
Saïd BenrahmaF262026£ 12,00,000£ 23,077KDS FM
Goncalo CardosoD212025£ 12,00,000£ 23,077Gestifute
Declan RiceM232025£ 1,56,000£ 3,000
Michail AntonioM322025£ 35,88,000£ 69,000Unique Sports Group
Jamal BaptisteD182023£ 39,520£ 760After Sports consultancy
Conor CoventryM222023£ 2,80,800£ 5,400CAA Base Ltd
Pierre EkwahM202025£ 93,600£ 1,800BS Group
Armstrong Oko-FlexF202024£ 2,86,000£ 5,500Wasserman
Nikola VlasicM242026
Alex KralM222024£ 12,48,000£ 24,000K2K Sports Entertainment Group
Alphonse AreolaGK282022£ 41,60,000£ 80,000Mino Raiola
Mark Noble CM342022£ 26,00,000£ 50,00010Ten Football

West Ham United loaned out players’ wages and contracts in 2022

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Goncalo CardosoD212025£ 12,00,000£ 23,077Gestifute
Conor CoventryM222023£ 2,80,800£ 5,400CAA Base Ltd
Alex Kral *M222024£ 12,48,000£ 24,000K2K Sports Entertainment Group
Alphonse Areola *GK282022£ 41,60,000£ 80,000Mino Raiola
* On loan from another club

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about West Ham United players

Below are some of the common questions fans have regarding some of West Ham United’s main players.

1. Who is the highest-paid player at West Ham United?

As of 2022, Kurt Zouma is the highest-paid player at West Ham United with a weekly wage of £120,000.

2. What is the total team value of West Ham United?

According to Forbes, the total team value of West Ham is around $570 Million as of April 2021.

3. How much do West Ham United spend on total annual wages?

As per Spotrac, West Ham United are spending close to £44 million every single season on player wages

4. Who is the all-time top scorer for West Ham United in their history?

Vic Watson is the all-time top goalscorer with 326 goals.

West Ham United Player Wages 2022: Weekly salaries, contract details, and agents
Vic Watson is the all-time leading goalscorer for West Ham United (whufc)

5. How much does David Moyes earn in a year?

David Moyes has a £3 million a year contract at West Ham United.

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