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Wenger’s Critic

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Wenger’s Critic

It is always said that Arsenal has a unique style of playing, “The Arsenal way”. But is it really Arsenal way? No Its Wenger’s way.

Arsenal had a totally different style of gameplay before the arrival of Arsene Wenger. Rival fans use to tease them with chants like “Boring Boring Arsenal.” It was Wenger who changed everything. He had a different view and philosophy to the game from the other managers. And his glorious 15 years of reign as Arsenal’s manager backs his philosophy.

The good and the bad – wenger’s critic

Basic ideas of Wenger in summary:

The Diet , Drinking and their life style- Wenger believed that the fitter the player is the better he can played, so he did not allow players to drink excessively .

The basic idea of English clubs not to see overseas talent as u all know Wenger has an excellent eye for picking up unseen talents and changing them into to world-class players. Before Wenger many of the English clubs overlooked foreign players as everyone thought they could not cope with the English game.

But eventually the game and the clubs changed over the years. Developing youth and making them have a strong value based life does not help the club to win trophies anymore. With the emergence of Chelsea and Manchester City with their new multi–millionaire owners the Premier league has got a new face.

Wenger’s Idea of youth system bringing in graduates from club academy and signing unseen talents from other countries had its problems. The main reason is that he could not keep hold of his experienced players in the club. Year after year players left for other clubs, but the blame could not be entirely put on Wenger. The Board room after the emergence of Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis did not show much interest in building the squad, with the only excuse that they are repaying debts for building Emirates stadium.

The loss of Henry saw the emergence of Adebayor and Robin Van Persie, in midfield it was Cesc Fabregas, Hleb, Flamini and Nasri. But all these players except Van Persie has left the club because either they wanted more money or they wanted trophies both of which are not happening with Arsenal at the moment. The Board does not show any desire to win things and are stubborn to break their wage structure which would lure star players to stay in the club.

And finally the tactics which are used by Wenger does not match up to the standards of Premier League anymore. The change in Formation of 4-3-3 from the classic 4-4-2 saw a change in Arsenal style of play. But while it is effective in most of the games, it certainly is not in few games against the likes of Manchester United, Stoke city and mainly the games away from home. Wenger’s stubbornness to change the tactics and formation for few teams has hurt Arsenal in a huge way. The same starting line-up (if all the players are available) and with the same formation and game play, teams have started to predict it . Lower ranked teams just sit back and hit Arsenal on the counter, as most of arsenal defenders love to attack we are easily opened up at unexpected times and lose to small clubs easily, making their life harder.

Arsenal losing stars year after year

Wenger’s ball – The problems and the solutions

 The Problems:

1. Holding on to the star players

2. Tactics and formations

3. Players signing


As much as being criticized, Wenger still knows the best. After all, Wenger made the club who they are now. His efficiency in finishing in top 4 all throughout his managerial reign and his philosophy has certainly won many things for Arsenal.

With the emergence of Chelsea and Manchester city the premier league has changed the way it used to be, and with the board which is not allowing to spend Wenger can change his policy by signing players which are best suited in that position rather than buying a player who has a huge price tag and would add value to the shirt sales.

So far in the transfer market Wenger has signed Podolski and Giroud. Both players are well suited in their position and players who are physically strong as well. Arsenal need players like these who could fit in their positions and who are the best in what they do. For example, Dempsey an attacking midfielder who can play as a second striker and who does not have a big market value would be a best fit in the Arsenal midfield in front of song and Arteta.

So instead of signing just one player with a huge price tag and allowing another star player to leave the club the next summer. Wenger could put in a team which does not have a huge star name instead have a team that has right blend of players who has experience and will give his 100 percent every time.

We all agree that he will always be considered as legend all over the world. But this trophy less drama is hurting his image badly. Wenger has to win at least a cup trophy this year to prove that he has not lost his touch.