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Wenger: Wilshere Never Gives Up + Ramsey Injury Update

Arsenal maintained their top spot in the premier league by getting a draw against a disciplined West Brom side. Jack Wilshere who was criticized earliar for the smoking incident, scored the equalizer for the visitors in the second half.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger praised the youngster’s never giving up mentality.

Wenger said in the post match interview,

“Jack had a difficult first half but has shown that he has character and in the end it was good that he was rewarded,”

“He has character and he doesn’t give up and continues to play his game and in the end he got a great goal.”

Wenger also appreciated his players for coming back in the game after being 1-0 down.

He told the club’s official website:

“I feel it was important not to lose once we were down today and that is the most important thing. For the mental comfort it’s good to remain top after two away games.”

“A mentality of being champions is built up through the season and I believe that we continue to focus on the way we want to play.”

“We have desire, we have the spirit but we are only in October, in March and April you can show that you have the mentality of champions but at the moment it’s early and it’s good to continue our run.”

When asked about Ramsey’s injury, French manager said,

“He is alright. I just saw that he wasn’t running free, so I took him out”

Wenger’s post game interview (video),