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Wenger Warns Dortmund: “We Play Everywhere To Win”

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Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund – The mind games have already began. Arsene Wenger is confident that his team has enough talent in them to beat Dortmund at their own turf. Wenger also warned their opponents by claiming that the Gunners play everywhere to win.

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Wenger: We go everywhere to win

Wenger said, (Source: Arsenal.com),

“We play everywhere to win, and that will not change of course. We will have a positive attitude in our approach to this game.”

“Maybe we had not the same belief at home sometimes because we failed in a few big games. There was a bit more scepticism, less belief. Hopefully that is behind us now with the Liverpool game.”

Wenger also insisted that Robert Lewandowski will be the real danger for the Arsenal defenders.

“Usually at home Lewandowski is quite dangerous but it is down to us to have the ball,”

“That is the best way to keep them quiet.”

“If we leave the ball to Dortmund a player like Lewandowski will be dangerous.”

“We will try to have the ball and control the game.” said Wenger.