Wenger Talks About Walcott, Mannone And About Qualification

In his interview to Arsenal’s official website, Arsene Wenger discussed about Theo Walcott, Goal Keeper selections and about qualifying for the knockout stage in the UCL.

Wenger: We are improving as a team

About Walcott,

“He did well. He had a positive attitude and was fresh as well. He was the only one you always felt could make a difference and but he lacked confidence when failed to convert a late chance in the final minute.

About Goal Keeper Selection,

“Mannone had a good game, he had a good game against United for me as well. It is good, very interesting. His confidence gets better in every game.”

On Team Performance,

“For us it was important first of all not to lose and if possible to win. We managed the first part, not the second one. I felt that overall we played reasonably well, but dropped physically in the second half. We scored two goals. We had more chances and played with three offensive midfielders as well. At some stage, we have to put one or two defenders in the team as well.”

About Qualifying,

“It’s open group. We are of course for qualifying if we win our games. If we win the next game, we have a 50 per cent chance of going through because Schalke play Olympiacos here. They are in a position where they have absolutely to win that game as well. It will of course depend on our result first against Montpellier and then we will see what happens here. It could go to last game, but we could do it in the next game. Anyway, we must win against Montpellier.”


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