WATCH OUT Arsenal And Manchester United! El Matador Is Ready For The Move

Former Napoli striker will be leaving Paris Saint-Germain in June. There has been a lot of rumors of the player being unhappy at the French club.  The Uruguayan player likes to play in role #9 however PSG manager positions him in a wide position which has led the player to be frustrated with his situation in the club. On the other hand, reports suggest that PSG are fed up with the Cavani’s attitude and are ready to let him loose.

This frustration has led Cavani look out towards big European clubs where he would be given a chance to play in his natural role. However, it needs to be seen who would be willing to pay the extremely high transfer fee for the player and also his high salary. PSG has quoted an amount around €40m for the player which may disappoint many clubs who may consider signing the player into their squad.

Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

Pedro celebrating a goal with his Chelsea teammates. (Getty Images)

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