Warning For Arsenal – Alexis Sanchez In Danger Of Burn-out Because Of His Girlfriend

Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez is on form of his life this season after making his switch from Barcelona in the summer – but according to a South American newspaper report, he’s in danger of getting burn-out because of his girlfriend.

Alexis Sanchez Arsenal Jersey (PUMA)
Alexis Sanchez

Euro Sport (which published the news in English) reported,

“But a newspaper in his native Chile is reporting that he suffering from severe fatigue and is now in serious danger of burnout – not because of his exertions on the pitch, but because of his post-match displays in the bedroom.”

‘That’s right: Santiago-based taboid La Cuarta claims that the 25-year-old is suffering from excessive fatigue due in part to his heavy playing schedule – he has played 27 matches in all competitions for club and country since joing Arsenal – and on the stiff demands placed upon him by his long-term partner, the Spanish graphic designer Laia Grassi.”

Even though the Chilean had a quite game by his standards against Manchester United on Saturday, we can’t come into a conclusion that he is burning-out. Sanchez is also one of the super fit players in the league who can do the pressing and running for the whole 90 mins in games on regular basis. Considering all this, this report is probably created out of the writer’s imagination (or just a click bait) as it doesn’t have any official quotes to prove its claims.

Want to see some pictures of Alexis Sanchez’s girlfriend? Check this article out,

WAG Alert: Arsenal Fans, Here Is Alexis Sanchez’s Girlfriend Laia Grassi

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