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Walcott’s Ultimatum To Wenger: Better Start Me!

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott admitted that he is bit surprised that Wenger uses him as substitute in most premier league games even after producing some good cameos in last few games. Walcott scored an 18th minute goal which helped Arsenal to gain a point at Schalke.

Walcott : I want to start every game

In his post-match interview Walcott said,

“I just want to start every game because I feel I fully deserve it.”

“I don’t want to be a sub each game. hopefully, I can have a run in the team.”

“We will try to win our last couple of group games – that is all we can do. If we do that we’ll get into the Champions League knockout stages and that’s the main thing.”

When asked about his contract saga,

 “You’ll have to ask the management. I don’t have the answer for this.”

“I just want to play for this team and hopefully we’ll win some trophies.”

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