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Victor Wanayama- Is He What Liverpool Needs In the Midfield?


Brendan Rodger’s first season at Liverpool has been a mixed one with the club showing definite improvements under the young manager but at the same time being awfully inconsistent. More often than not, their inconsistency has been credited to the easy goals that they have allowed and the lack of pressing in their midfield. Their skill up front has been quite good and after the acquisition of Sturridge and Coutinho in January, they have troubled defenders of most other clubs. But what they really lacked in the midfield is a player who can hold the ball, make determined challenges to the opposition players and also press hard when the team is attacking.

While Lucas has been designated with this role throughout the season and he has done justice to the trust his manager has put in him, his forward pressing has been a disappointment and often that has been the reason for Liverpool to not putting adequate amount of pressure on the opposition.

This problem can be very well taken care of if Liverpool go for Celtic midfielder Victor Wanayama in the summer who should cost around £ 6m. The Kenyan international has been the pillar in the midfield for Celtic this season and has the capability to play in both the defensive midfield and the centre back position. His tackles are precise and his ability to press and distribute the ball has been a main reason for Celtic’s miraculous success this season. He may just be what Liverpool has been lacking in their midfield and his inclusion into the team should intensify the attacking capacity which has plenty of talent up front.

Wanayama can also be employed as the centre back at times when the team needs to shut shop and defend a lead. This provides a further advantage to the club which must go on search of a replacement for Carragher once the season ends.

For the 21 year old the transfer can prove to be a big step in his career and one that can put him right in the big league. He has already had 150 senior games in his short career and should now look to compete with the best, which is a rare possibility in the Scottish Premier League, although he may get Champion’s League Football playing there. Thus if this move goes through, we may have yet another exciting midfielder in the Premier League next season.

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