Most Valuable XI In The Premier League: Featuring Manchester United And Tottenham Stars

Most Valuable XI In The Premier League

The English Premier League has always been an exciting place to watch football. Every year it throws up certain players who perform so well that they are bought for record prices. The like of Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and Luka Modric amongst others is a testimony to the fact as to how pivotal these players have been following their departure from the EPL. This season too it has thrown up players whose impressive performance day in day out is sure to have eyeballs attracted towards them once the summer transfer opens.

Here is Premier League’s “Most Valuable Playing XI”, rated both in terms of age as well as the potential bids that they might attract.

FORMATION: 4-1-4-1

Goal Keeper And Defence

David De Gea

David de gea

Many would opine that this season Jack Butland has been the goalkeeper to watch out for. Whilst that is true, it goes without saying that the performance put in by David De Gea of Manchester United, over the past few years has been nothing less than spectacular. In fact, so much so that he seemed on his way to Real Madrid, if not for THAT “Fax-Machine” moment.
Having played in 25 matches wherein he has kept a clean sheet in 10 matches along with an average save of 2.44, it is therefore no surprise that he is widely tipped to replace the ageing Iker Casillas in Spain national team.



Luke Shaw

Even though he is out injured for the major part of the season, he is arguably the brightest left back option that EPL has to offer.  Young, agile, creative with great crossing ability. That’s what Luke Shaw offers you. It’s a shame that injuries have barred his progress. He played just 5 matches this season and had 100% shot accuracy and 86% average pass accuracy. When he takes the runs on the left, he terrorises the flanks. If it was not for the challenge of Hector Moreno Challenge, he would have definitely been the young player to look out for in this season.



John Stones

John Stones
John Stones

It’s not every day that one finds a 21yr old defender being highly persuaded by the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea & Barcelona. But Barnsley-born Stones has ticked all the boxes that makes him a hot prospect in the upcoming transfer season. An astute defender who attracts players and then completely marks them off the ball, his progress this season has been marred by injuries and although he is yet to return to his destructive mode that he was on in last season he has made a good name for himself. At such a young age, he has shown qualities that are expected from a club captain.

Chris Smalling

The only shining prospect in an otherwise fragile United back 4, Chris Smalling’s impressive performances has brought joy to United faithful. He has started 26 matches so far with an average pass accuracy of 82% and has won 53% of the average duels. Even though the team lost, his performance against West Bromwich Albion was particularly of high impact. He went from being a liability last season to being the best defender in the league in the first half of the season. At 26 he is still expected to reach his prime and once he does that it’s going to be a pleasure to watch him.



Hector Bellerin

Catalan by birth, he has been a youth product of Arsenal ala Cesc Fabregas mode. At 20 years of age he has an average pass accuracy of 85% which going by his age can be considered as a mature performer. His major standout performance would be the 3-0 home win against Manchester United wherein his runs down on the right that caused the first major problem for United, and while putting two defenders to mark him United left gaps in the centre and there in stepped the likes of Ozil and Sanchez that demolished United in a matter of minutes.


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Written by Subrata Roy

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