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Usmanov Still Buying Arsenal Shares

For those who dont know how much shares Arsenal board and share holders hold, this update may brief it for you guys,

This is how the situation looks at present,

  • Total number of Arsenal shares = 62,217
  • One single Arsenal share worth around £16,000 now.
  • Out of the 60 k shares, American billionaire Stan Kroenke owns 66.83% of the shares (41,581 shares)
  • Alisher Usmanov, through Red & White Holdings and in partnership with Farhad Moshiri, owns 29.96% of the shares ( 18,645).
Alisher Usmanov increasing his Arsenal shares

So Stan has a majority share and can do whatever he wants, including appointing whoever he likes to the Board. No one else on the Board owns any shares now, having sold all of them to Stan. Usmanov is still increasing his shares slowly and needs just 21 more shares to get to 18,666, or 30%.

But the question is why Usmanov still buying Arsenal shares? Until last summer club should share all its financial information with anyone who got more than 30% shares. But the Premier League changed the rules, so why does he still keep buying shares? We have to wait for quite some time to find answers to these questions.

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