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Usain Bolt to train with Dortmund

Whenever the name Usain Bolt is mentioned, you know speed will follow. The name Usain Bolt is synonymous with speed, fast pace, and muscular strength. Usain Bolt is a legend when it comes to athletics. He is known as one of the world fastest man. However, recently Usain Bolt has been the nursing a new career path. It is believedUsain Bolt may soon diverge into starting a football career. At 31, one can say that may not be too late, or perhaps it is late already for him. But you know what they say right? Better late than never. It is in the light of this new career prospect that Usain Bolt will be training with Dortmund.

The Connection between Track and Field

To announce his training, the German club excitedly tweeted about it this way: “Bolt is coming!” Minutes after, the Jamaican athletic legend tweeted on his official account; “BVB, get ready for Friday #BVBolt #NewLevels @bvb09 @pumafootball.” The sports world is agog with this news. We’ve always known Bolt to be a sprinter. He has the perfect physiognomy for the sprint. That may make one wonder what magic would happen when he brings that to the field. The game of football has always been known to benefit greatly fromathletic fitness. With that in mind, one may project Usain Bolt’s quick success on the pitch. Perhaps that is where there is a connection between track and field events. What better example to show that than Usain Bolt recent interest in the football game.

With displaying the best bookmarkers in the UK and Europe, Usain Bolt’s training with Dortmund will bring out so many interesting things. This brings even his athletics lovers to the board game of placing a bet on his team. Apart from the fact that such Usain Bolt outing could bring about cross-platform sponsorship deals, training with Dortmund will bring about great spectacle. However, it is believed that the outing may just be a means for a publicity stunt as Dortmund and Usain Bolt both have same Puma sponsor.

A Great Anticipated Spectacle

Schedule for the August training session is meant to hold 0930 GMT. One can only imagine the kind of media attention the training session will generate. Yeah, we can only imagine. It should be noted however that Usain Bolt has really paid his dues when it comes to Athletics. He is not called a legend for name calling sake. Usain Bolt holds the staggering world record for 100m and 200m races.  It should also be noted that Usain Bolt has always made the intention to train with Dortmund known. He has been harping on it since he hung his sprint canvas last year January. Nothing has been secret about the intention to train with the German team. It is only gaining a tad lot of media attention now because the time is finally here; and who wouldn’t want to watch Usain Bolt play with the ball. If this was a publicity stunt, then it is well managed one. If the anticipated training with Dortmund will be full of surprises, placing a bet on Usain Bolt’s team on the platform won’t be a mistake this time.


One thing is certainly going to happen with this anticipated training: it will go down as a big thing of history. Let’s see what Usain Bolt will do with the ball during the training. Let’s see if he will be as adroit with the ball as he has been on track.