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Why An Upgrade To This Arsenal Work-Horse Midfielder Would Be Perfect For The Team

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Aaron Ramsey

Isn’t it a high time we start winning bigger titles than the FA Cup? How long will Wenger keep blaming injury problems to our key players for our inability to win the Premier League title and for our poor performances in the Champions League, which has seen us get knocked out of the competition in the round of 16 once again. Arsene Wenger can make all the excuses in the world, but the fact still remains that he either needs to leave Arsenal or bring a change in his thinking. It is time for him to “evolve” and “upgrade” the squad, as he needs to replace the same old “injury prone” players.

I’m talking about the stars like Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere, who have been nothing more than bench warmers for most the season over the past few years, and they need to go as there is a need for most physically fit players to be added to the current squad. The French manager can’t rely on such players to win him major titles and if he continues to depend on them without keeping a backup plan, it is better that he leaves now rather than embarrass himself any further.

A player like Ramsey was not always this fragile, but the horrific injury that he suffered in February 2010 changed everything. Since he broke his leg, the Wales international has not been the same player and has barely managed to play a season without being sidelined. Though, he has not lost his ability and skills to perform, his fitness has surely been impacted by that forgettable incident.

His situation is not as bad as what Diaby had to go through, but for the Gunners and the boss to rely on him to guide them to major titles is “foolish”!! Just when things are going right and “we” are on top of our game, the former Cardiff man never fails to get injured.

Arsenal have so much money to spend which Wenger always keeps talking and what use is that money, if not to buy more players that can win them titles. It has been so long now that we have been accumulating funds and increasing our profits year after year and surely it is high time to give the fans what they want, a Premier League title if not the Champions League.

Wenger knows that either selling Ramsey or benching him will be a huge loss for the team, as the midfielder is an important asset to his current side, who brings experience and quality. Ramsey can only be benched if a high quality long term replacement is signed by Arsenal, as Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have not been able to live up to expectations so far.

The 25 year old midfield superstar has made 187 appearances for Arsenal, scoring more than 28 goals, since joining them in 2008. It will not be so easy to find an apt replacement for a player who was desperately wanted by La Liga champions Barcelona at one point, as they considered him perfect to play in their team. However tough the decision may seem, it is important that Wenger takes a stand. SOON!! 

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