Why This Upcoming Premier League Midfielder Will Become A Massive Hit At Manchester United

The entertainment and competitive nature the English Football is not only restricted to world class players drifting in and out of clubs during the summer windows but it also involves the emergence of shining youths who take the league by storm, be it Harry Kane of Tottenham or Delle Alli, Be it Ross Barkley of Everton or Watmore of Sunderland.

Talking about all these youngsters, not always do they win enough with their respective teams and in the case of Ross Barkley as well, I don’t think Everton are winning silverware apart from FA Cup or Capital One Cup anytime soon and it does look that way because Everton have a way to go before they challenge for the league. I take nothing away from this beautiful football club but as of now it does look that way and coming back to Barkley, he’s been linked with a move to a top club for some time now. Manchester United and Arsenal have emerged as the likely teams to lure the youngster and today we only look at why Ross Barkley shouldn’t reject if Manchester United come calling!

Why Barkley Shouldn’t Say No When Manchester United Approach Him :-

*United is a massive club and silverwares and decorated trophies have always been an integral part of it’s glorious history and there is every chance that United will be winning trophies again for years to come. Ross Barkley will be lured to United on this particular topic and what can a youngster do when even the likes of Van Persie were lured to the club because of club’s rich history? Manchester United is at a stage of development but Barkley can be assured that joining a club like United will give him a trophy sooner rather than later.

* Manchester United’s foundations were laid on youth policy and still it’s a renowned club for promoting youngsters, giving chance to them and giving enough play-time for young prodigies who are progressing and Ross Barkley’s arrival at United should confirm him the game-time and keeping in mind that United do need a proper supplement in the attacking sector, what better than a home-grown lad?

* Ross Barkley’s development with Man United will be much better compared to his development with Everton. Playing week in week out around players like Wayne Rooney, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Juan Mata is surely going to play a major role in his development than hinder it.

So in my opinion, if an offer from United does come, Ross Barkley should consider moving to this massive club because it’s clearly for his own betterment but at the end of the day remaining loyal is going to win you hearts and Barkley staying at Everton wouldn’t be downgrade for him either but it’s just that he can win more with United and progress in his career.

Written by Syed Shaiban

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