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Understanding In-play Football Betting Odds

What an amazing world cup!!!! Who would’ve thought England would get so far???  It was a good run and you made some good money along the way betting on the English side, but you wished you could have made even more. You were considering exploring In-Play football betting but didn’t really feel confident on how it all worked, especially the odds. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

In-play bets have become increasingly popular over the last several years as sports content (games, matches, tournaments, etc.) is now being streamed live online. With punters now being able to watch games on their mobile device and accessing their betting apps at the same time, In-play or live betting is where the action really is.

Of course, understanding the odds and how they work are of the utmost importance. Because In-play betting is occurring as the match is happening, odds will be changing. These changes are where you, the better, can get an advantage. The oddsmakers are watching the same game as you, but they need to adjust betting lines as the action is happening. Oddsmakers consider the following when making their calculations:

  1. Pre-match probabilities or odds,
  2. Time remaining in the match, and
  3. The current scoreline.

If these calculations aren’t done quick enough, favorable or soft odds situations will occur for the better.

Now, you are also doing the same thing as the oddsmakers. By doing your homework you have already laid out a pre-match strategy on a couple of key matches that you feel have value. Next, you check a couple of different online betting sites (you probably have already downloaded their app) to see what the pre-match odds are looking like. These odds will be much more than straight outright bets. To get value, you need to dig deep through a multitude of betting opportunities in each match.

Once you have selected the betting lines you will be following, start watching the game!  As you are watching, the time is ticking away, and the score is changing, then you see a line not adjusting quickly enough… act immediately and click your bet!!!

This can and will happen, but it just does not happen by chance. In-play betting takes discipline and patience:

  • Do your homework! Do you know how many goals a certain team is averaging a game? What is the team’s average goals against? Who is their top scorer? Who takes penalties? And so much more vital info.
  • Make time to watch. Unlike traditional bets which you make and then check the results in the morning, with In-play bets your odds improve as you gather information in real time. That means watching.
  • Know the rules of the sport’s bets you are making.
  • Get to know all the different bets or lines (e.g.: over/under, score at half, both teams scoring, correct score, handicap…).
  • Watch for special bets. Things such as corners, fouls, yellow cards, etc.
  • Get the bet in!!! Stay on top of the action and get that bet in when you get the odds you were looking for.
  • Control your emotions. The games can get exciting, so try not to lose focus (but we understand sometimes when it is your team… it can be hard).

Another not so traditional way to help maximize your In-play bets is to follow live tipsters. With platforms like Twitter and Facebook finding live tipsters is easy. Find a few tipsters and start to follow them. Watch their in-game feeds and keep stats on their tips. Start to create a list of the more talented profitable tipsters. You can then start to blend their tips with your knowledge to help further sharpen your In-play betting skills.

With modern technology sending the game to your mobile or tablet, In-play or live betting is only a logical progression of online sports betting. In-play betting brings an added level of excitement to any game. As an added bonus many online gaming sites provide free live streaming of games, so you can easily follow along. Or you can go to the stadium and make your bets while in the stands watching and brag to your buddies sitting next to you when you win.

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