Two Gunners who are booed

It is highly sophisticated to describe how a football fanatic anticipates the ninety minutes of carnival. On any odd day, he would cheer his team while he he would jeer the team, which he supposedly detests on some other day. Boo-ing , a new English term was coined as a onomatopoeic word to describe the way how the maniacs use their vocal chord in the stadium.

Arsenal players are usually never subjected to jeers since Arsene Wenger never lures players away from their respective clubs with bank-note having got only chicken feed to spend. Arsenal players are jeered by the supporters of the team on the other end only for their disciplinary actions. In this post, we shall come across a few Gunners, who are blackballed at other turfs.

Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey who is one of the most disciplined Arsenal players is never boo-ed by the supporters of the other team but Stoke City. Arsenal and Stoke City have created rivalry over this peculiar case. The Welsh man was stretchered off the Britannia a couple of years ago thanks to the ruthless challenge from Ryan Shawcross which saw the midfielder lose a valuable period in his career which should have been spent in the pitch rather than the injury beds.

However, Stoke City supporters claim that the leg of Aaron Ramsey was broken well before the Stoke City star-man attempted to tackle him. Following his injury, the Welshman publicly ran his mouth as he hit out at Stoke City which created a strong hatred among the Stoke City population. Since then, the youngster has been jeered vigourously by the undisciplined Stoke City crowd every-time Arsenal visit Britannia Stadium.

In addition to the mockery on Aaron Ramsey, even the highly respected Arsene Wenger has often been imitated, ridiculed and mocked at by the Potters’ supporters.

Arsenal's best summer signing - Cazorla

Santi Cazorla

Since signing for Arsenal at the start of this season, Santi Cazorla was winning the hearts of many English football fans with his delicate moves until the incident at Emirates Stadium, where he dived intentionally and pretended to be injured while there was hardly any contact with the Throstles defender. Santi Cazorla faced flak from all the directions since he lacked sportsmanship and Asrsene Wenger stated that the Spanish mid-fielder would face the consequences if he attempted to dive.

The former Malaga player added a black mark to his name despite a decent disciplinary record. It was evident that the Hawthorns has started to dislike the Spaniard since he received a chorus of boos from the Albion supporters every-time he had possession for the rest of the game.

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