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‘Tweaking’ Manchester United – 3 Players Whom Moyes Needs To Improve

Come July and David Moyes will be in one of the hottest seat in the footballing world. What the new United manager should primarily do is get used to the media attention who will look to post mortem his each move. Although Moyes would be looking to add some big names to the current bunch of United players, he should also make it a point to revive the careers of the under-achievers.  We look at three such players whose performance have not been upto the mark till now and should get special attention from Moyes when the season starts.

Shinji Kagawa

The first season has been totally timid for the Japanese international, who was so effective for the Borussia Dortmund the previous year. So moved was his ex-coach Klopp to see the condition of the player that he recently stated “Shinji Kagawa is one of the best players in the world and he now plays 20 minutes at Manchester United—on the left wing! My heart breaks. Really, I have tears in my eyes.”  But now with Wayne Rooney on his way out of the club, the time may perhaps come for the player who can excel in the central midfield for the Red Devils. There is no doubt that United have a world class player in Kagawa and Moyes should look to exploit the most of his talents. Although this has been his first season at England, Kagawa showed glimpses of his capabilities in some matches where he had total freedom and that is what he needs, season two will only be an improvement if he is used properly.


Antonio Valencia

Valencia has been the perfect example of an ‘Hero gone to Zero’, he was presented with the historic No.7 jersey by Ferguson at the start of the season as a reward to his ever improving performances last season, but the Winger has totally lost it this time around and even before the season came to a closure, United fans wanted him out as his sporadic performances continued.  Valencia, looked like a pale shadow of his former self this season. He had no pace and his crosses were far from accurate. This resulted in him being dropped from the team on more than one occasion and United suffering miserably in the winger’s slot. Moyes should be determined to provide support to the injury ridden midfielder and bring him back to form.

Alex Buttner

Patrice Evra has had an inconsistent season this year and the 32 year old defender is approaching his last times at Old Trafford. Moyes must get a backup ready, and although buying Baines from Everton may look like an easier option, Moyes has Buttner at his disposal. The 24 year old needs to be given the right kind of care and seen that he is prepared to jump into the first team, when deemed necessary.

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