Transfer rumours rife across the Premier League

transfer rumors

There is nothing like a good shuffle through the tabloids on a Monday morning to see what is happening in the world of EPL. Of course, it is purely rumour and speculation at this stage but as the old adage goes there is no smoke without fire, and some rumours that started as paper selling news do often go on to become fact. At we are always keen to see what the gossip world thinks might be happening so here are some of the latest rumours to hit the news.

At Old Trafford caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is undoubtedly making his mark and shaking things up a bit. There are multiple rumours circulation here, but how many will prove true? Even with a 1-0 under his belt at Leicester, the committed Solskjaer wasn’t hanging around to soak up the glory but instead flew to Paris to scout PSG their Champion’s League opponents offering dedication and perhaps determination to lose the caretaker element of his current job title. He has given Paul Pogba more pitch time and is playing well despite the rumour mill claiming that a deal with Juventus is in the bag, Solskjaer seems keen to reassure the player that his time with Man United is far from done. It is also rumoured that there is a fresh attack in place from the club to secure Kalidou Koulibaly, currently signed with Napoli but very much on the wish list for the Manchester reds.

Chelsea was apparently determined to secure Willian; however, their alleged ‘poultry’ contract offer seems to have put a spanner in that works with the whisper now very much being that he will be looking for pastures new after feeling somewhat insulted by the derisory offer. Whether they will revise the offer or not remains to be seen. Despite an overwhelming 5-0 hammering on Saturday against Huddersfield there are rumours that the penalty awarded to Chelsea caused something of a rift between ref Paul Tierney and his assistant, however it was unlikely that Huddersfield could have won regardless, so quite what the merit of this claim by Elias Kachunga is hoping to achieve is anyone’s guess.

It was on the cards that Timo Werner was heading for Anfield, but apparently, he has received something of a warning. Apparently following the ‘struggles’ experienced by Naby Keita since he signed to Liverpool, Werner is being told to give this premier league team a wide berth, time will tell if this is a genuine rumour although we are sure Liverpool will be none too impressed with whoever happens to be holding that particular stirring spoon. You may remember that Reading player Nelson Oliveira being injured on the pitch in an alleged head stamping from Tyrone Mings the Aston Villa defender.  Well since facial surgery was needed, there is now rumour that there will have to be some retrospective action to compensate, which has probably left Mings rather hot under the collar as he waits to learn his fate.