Tottenham’s Strongest Possible Lineup To Face Stoke City: Kane To Spearhead the attack as usual

Liverpool had a great game last weekend where Pochettino was finally able to beat Manchester United by a huge margin of 3 goals to nil. Tottenham are having a great season and every player has been exceptional for the side. From Lloris to Kane, everyone had an impact some way or the other.

Tottenham are on their way to clinch the title from Leicester’s hand, and in their pursuit, they will be facing Mark Hughes’s Stoke City at Britannia Stadium next Tuesday. Tottenham are now 7 points behind the leaders Leicester and a defeat or a loss can crush the hopes of winning the title.

Stoke City, on the other hand, are having a decent season as they sit 9th in the league table. The side has been very inconsistent in their last 6 games as they have won just 2, lost 2 and drew 2. Furthermore, Tottenham are on a good form where they have won 3 out of their last 6 games and have lost just 1. The last time these two sides met, both of them gave each other a run for the money and the game was settled as the teams shared a point each.

It surely will be a tough battle but looking at their recent results, Tottenham have an upper hand in the fixture, they have a huge confidence after beating Manchester United.

Here is the predicted lineup for Tottenham Hotspur that could face Stoke City-


Goalkeeper: Hugo Lloris-

Absolutely no doubt about that. The keeper is currently in his prime from and is undroppable. Didn’t had much work to do against Manchester United but had to make a crucial save to deny his fellow countryman Anthony Martial.


Defence: Walker; Vertonghen; Alderweireld; Rose-

The same backline that featured against the Reds. Walker and Rose had an impressive game as they proved why they are the contenders for the Euro this term. Both the fullbacks are solid at the back and are tough to beat. Vertonghen returned in the last game and is most likely to start the next game as well. He is a tough defender and can be tougher when played alongside Toby Alderweireld who also will be starting the game for sure.


Midfield: Lamela; Dier; Dembele; Eriksen; Alli-

What a great game they all had last weekend. Lamela was everywhere on the field and showed what damage he can do. Dier and Dembele also had a great game and was not troubled at all. Will have to be rock solid against the likes of Arnautovic, Bojan and Shaqiri. Alli scored the opener for the team and was exceptionally good. Eriksen and Alli can be a worthy opponent against the Stoke’s defence as they can find a killer pass for Kane anytime during the game.


Striker: Harry Kane-

Harry Kane was unable to score against Manchester United but, had a great game. He did head the ball on target but it was De Gea who was all around the post to save his header. An irreplaceable striker is what he is. Surely, a starter.


Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar


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