Tottenham’s Hurricane, Remember The Name

There is a team in Premier League that is now causing upsets to big teams on regular bases and that side is Tottenham Hotspurs, but what’s the reason behind this? Well what we knew of Spurs since last season was an average above mid-table side which always underperforms, but in recent months the scenario is different and the Hurricane behind this change of fortune is their complete striker Harry Kane. Harry Kane left his first impact on the team in November and since then he is giving outrageous performance week in week out. Let us now study how this forward plays his role, why he is so influential for his team and what can we expect from this man in future with respect to both Spurs and England’s needs.

Harry Kane - Tottenham
Harry Kane – Tottenham

Strengths, Weaknesses and Style of Play

As mention above Kane is a complete package who can play in any forward position or role but for this one needs to have a complete package of skills as well. Kane is a technically gifted forward whose major strengths are his pace, agility, strength, he is also an excellent header of the ball which was clearly reflect on the field on many occasions, he is also a prolific dribbler, wonderful finisher who is deadly inside the box and also has the ability to score form distances and last but not the least he is a player who mesmerizes everyone with his brilliant work rate. There you go all the ingredients of a perfect striker and a potential modern great.

Harry has no significant weakness but lacks maturity on the field and also is caught offside quiet often but this will improve in some months or a year and is also understandable for a player of his age.

For the starting few months of this season Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino was reluctant about starting Kane but finally in the month of November he gave him a shot against Stoke City. Since then he has been a routine starter for the North Londoners.

Kane these days plays in the classic number nine role on paper but on field he does a lot more work than that. A textbook striker will wait for his midfielders to carry the ball and then feed him but Kane will be seen all over the pitch attempting tackles, intercepting passes and always being involved in the build-up play. Another reason why he is so influential is his chemistry with Spurs’s focal point in midfield that is Eriksen. Most of the key passes which Eriksen makes are generally directed towards Kane and also they both have the understanding and judgment of where one of them will be on the field, hence these two are involved in every build up of Spurs.

Generally strikers in modern game are either deadly poachers inside the box for example Premier League’s top scorer Diego Costa or Robin Van Persie or there are few strikers who also have the attribute of scoring goals from outside the box. But Kane is an excellent poacher as well as long shot taker since 3 of his 13 Premier League goals were netted form outside the 18 yard box. Kane also know how make the best out of the limited chances he gets for instance his performance against Chelsea where he scored twice by attempting 2 shots and also assisted twice. While his close range goals are products of his excellent aerial abilities.

Very few strikers these days have the potential to contribute in both attack and defence and Kane is one of them. Kane is fast enough to cover the whole pitch and make and take chances at the same time. While makes at least one defensive contribution per game. This ability of Kane displays his industrious nature and also shows why he is a perfect team man.

Final Verdict

This world beater has all the qualities of a modern great and he is also a player on whom his teammates can rely. Kane now is a key player for Spurs and also a player who cannot be replaced by anyone. Kane at the age of 21 has benched some experienced striker like Adebayor and Soldado, he is a player who has the potential to uplift his teammates with the likes of his ubiquitous nature and at this young age he is mocking some of the best defenders in the world which include Gary Cahill, Koscielny etc. He has the strength to carry Tottenham to their destined destination while for England he is yet to make his debut but with such qualities he has the potential to become the next Wayne Rooney or Michael Owen for England. If this level of performance continues we can expect big things from him in the future.