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Tottenham’s Harry Kane vs Everton’s Romelu Lukaku – A Statistical Comparison

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Both Lukaku and Kane have been on fir for Everton and Tottenham respectively.

The Premier League is host to some of the best strikers in the world and two players fighting for the golden boot this season in England are Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane and Everton’s Romelu Lukaku. The duo have been consistent in front of goal this season and have been important to their club’s fortunes this campaign. But how do their performance compare this season? Here is a statistical comparison of the duo for their season so far.

While the Belgian star has 24 goals and six assists to his name, Kane, who has played seven games less than Lukaku, has 21 goals and six assists this season. The duo play in different teams with different approaches. While Kane is there to provide the end to some swift moves, Lukaku is the creator in chief for Everton and has all the responsibilities of goal scoring on his shoulder. Kane has the likes of Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen who have also been in great form.

So it does not come as a surprise that Kane has better figures as a number 9 and Lukaku has been more creative. Kane has played the role of a poacher to perfection. He has three goals from outside the box and has a shot accuracy of 66% this season. Lukaku has scored just one goal from outside the box and has a shot accuracy of around 60%.

Kane and Lukaku are strong in the air but the Everton man has scored six headed goals this season, compared to just the one from Kane. Lukaku has also won almost 40% of his ariel duels compared to just the 36% from Harry Kane.

As already mentioned, Lukaku has been a more creative force for Everton. Kane has a superior passing accuracy than Lukaku but the Belgian star has created 43 chances this season, seven more than the Spurs man. He also has made seven key passes more than Harry Kane and has been effective in front of goal.

Neither player has taken a card for diving and though Lukaku has one for verbal abuse, he is not one to get instigated easily. Both players are currently 23 years old and have a huge future ahead of them. They have been in exceptional form this season and though they have different targets for the end of the campaign, they will be competing at the highest level against each other, once the next season comes to a start.

All stats were taken from Squawka.com, prior to tonight’s North London Derby.

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