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Tottenham Vs Manchester City – Who Has Done The Right Business?

Alvaro Negredo vs Roberto Soldado: A statistical Comparison

Two of La Liga’s top goal scorers came to the EPL with huge reputation. Whereas Tottenham Hotspur shelled out £26.4 million for Soldado from Valencia, Manchester City splashed an equal amount of £22 million for Alvaro Negredo from Sevilla. Both the Spanish Internationals signed four years deal respectively for their new clubs albeit wanting a different challenge from the La Liga. Well it’s quite right that both the players have failed to set the ground on fire as expected of them but let’s not judge them after just seven games.

Today however, we will provide a statistical comparison of both the two Strikers and dwell on the early Season Question on which club had the better deal? For this we will be using several statistical parameters, taken form Squawka.com, like key passes, chances created, influence on the pitch and of course the real currency in Goals among several other stats.

Negredo so far has scored three goals in the season, whereas his counterpart Soldado has managed only two hits at the back of the net, both however coming from the spot. Of course stats will get better over time as they tend to suit the rugged style and more direct approach of the Premier League, but so far Soldado has looked quite ineffective the final third. While this can be attributed to the signings Spurs have made over the summer and it would be right to say it would take time to gel as a team.

Negredo however has had the influence on the pitch, be it coming late on as a substitute or a place in the starting eleven, with his scorching pace and twists on the turn. Soldado does outscore Negredo on shot accuracy with the Tottenham man raking 64% compared to just 50% in favour of the City Centre Forward (as shown by the following shot view map).

Soldado's shot accuracy
Negredo’s shot accuracy
Soldado's shot accuracy
Soldado’s shot accuracy

Soldado also outguns Negredo on the key assists and the chances created. The City man has so far created just five chances compared to 11 for the Spurs hitman. Soldado also wins hands down when it comes to winning duels all over the pitch and tracking back in order to help their respective Team’s defence. Here are the key stats:

Soldado wins all the 50-50 tackles, an attribute which is certainly going to help Spurs as the season materializes. But the key area of concern for Soldado would be against teams like Stoke which play very physical and won’t give time on the air. This is where Negredo can be sufficed as an outlet for City as he wins almost double the headed duels compared to Soldado.

Negredo’s key ability is his pace which can cause havoc for the opposite defence and his passing prowess with an average accuracy of 78%, Soldado comes just short at 76%. Defensively, tracking back Soldado is outrun by Negredo who can use his pace to also break in an instant in case of a quick counter attack.

If we look at the dribbling ability, Soldado sadly hasn’t any, when stacked up against Negredo. The former Sevilla hitman has also been fouled more compared to Tottenham’s best bet up front which is a testament of winning set pieces in dangerous positions.

All in all I feel Negredo just shadows Soldado given his price and influence on the pitch. Soldado hasn’t sadly scored from free play, whereas Negredo has looked much sharper if we weigh them together. Yes it would quite early to say on who will have the better season, but come May next summer, we will surely have a better picture in front of us.