Tottenham Superstar Reveals Why He Rejected A Move To Chelsea


Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen talks about why he rejected a move to Chelsea and a host of other clubs which includes Barcelona and AC Milan, at the age of 16.

The player ended up joining Ajax where he stayed for three years before joining Tottenham in 2013 in a deal worth £11m. Eriksen has become an important part of the squad under Mauricio Pochettino.

“In Denmark, you are sure to play if you were good, but Ajax played you if you did not have the mentality and went 100 percent to it. It did not matter who you were. It was about getting better every day. If I had chosen Chelsea, then my situation today would be completely different. I’m sure.

Of course you never say never, because I would have been 100 percent into it, if I had chosen it. I just felt that there was more chance to fail than succeed.” – Eriksen

He goes on to admit that life would have been a lot different had he chosen to move to the Bridge. The player made his full development at Ajax, who are known for taking up players on loan and helping them grow further.

The player believes that he would be closer to failure rather than success had he decided to join the either of the big clubs interested in signing him, nearly 8 years back.  As such the player is surely open to make a move to the giants, although Tottenham will fight back any interest on their valued asset.




Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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