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Should This Tottenham Superstar Move Out Of England If The Right Offer Comes?

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Harry Kane

Should Harry Kane move out of England? Should he go for the move if some big money European clubs outside England come for him? Will he decide to leave Tottenham to achieve greater success outside England? Well, the questions have been going around in numbers. We try to have a deeper look if it will be good for the Englishman to go and play football outside his motherland and also the factors that might influence him to make his decision.

Well, it’s true that the big money European clubs are lining up bids for the Englishman. Clubs in EPL and other leagues in Europe are looking at availing the young striker at their disposal. Clubs like Real Madrid, PSG etc are reportedly monitoring the development of the young Englishman. Well, who wouldn’t want Kane in their team? After last season’s glorious form, many critics questioned his stability and said he was a one season wonder. Kane has proved all his critics after current season’s form. He is currently the top scorer in the league with 24 goals under his belt. And he has looked a much better and matured player this season. He seems to be a pivotal part in the Tottenham squad and looks to be a future leader for the club.

Well, recently you don’t see most English players going out of England to have a venture. They stick to their homeland and try to have a fruitful venture here. The signs are clear. Not many English players are seen to archive great success once they left the English Premier League. The last English striker that comes to my mind to make a move to big European Club was Michael Owen. He left Liverpool for Real Madrid. And his form faltered after that. Even though he went to win the premier league later with Manchester United, he still could never achieve the form he had at Liverpool. Another English Player that comes to my mind is David Beckham. The midfielder is considered a legend by many in the football world and he did achieve success after moving on from Manchester United. But honestly even though he was good he couldn’t achieve the same form once he left England. No English player has notably achieved great success outside Europe post-2000, the only exception being Steve McManamam. There are the likes of Kevin Keegan, Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne and others, but they were all way before the 2000’s. I’m not counting Owen Hargreaves into this list because he developed as a youth footballer outside of England.

Kane looks like a player who will fit into any team. He holds good control over the ball and is always present in the right places to receive a pass and create something out of it. The question as to whether he will be successful outside England is a mystery to be honest. English players like the more direct way of football. They like to run hard and pass the ball long and play more physical football. The Spanish, German, Italian or any other way of football is quite different to the English game. Kane suiting to any of those playing styles looks like a long shot. Even the Welshman Gareth Bale looked to struggle at times to adjust to life in the Spanish way. Even though Bale has produced absolute brilliant performances at times, sometimes the Spanish way of playing has seemed to get him struggling and he made him land up with injuries.

Moving outside Spain also led to the exclusion of many from the National side. Most notable names in this list would be David Beckham and Michael Owen. Both of them moved to Spain and had a dip in form. They were eventually axed from the England team. Kane will definitely have all these things in mind and will make decisions based on that. Clubs like Real Madrid is the dream destination for many players. But time and over it has shown us the dark side of moving there. Same might be the case in any other major European League outside England.

Personally, I don’t feel that Kane will be leaving England. Tottenham have struck good form and he is one of the main men for his team. They look definite to be in next season’s Champions League and things are looking to get only brighter for the London side. Kane should be part of this growing club and try to achieve great things with them. He might well go on to become a club legend. But if Tottenham suffers a dip in form and are back to the place where they contest for Europa league places, then Kane should look at life away from Tottenham. Even then he will have good offers from top English sides and should lay more focus in that.