Tottenham Should Use 3 At The Back Agaisnt West Ham And Other Things That Could Help Them In The London Derby

Play with 3 at the back

Spurs employed a 3-man defence against Arsenal (3-4-2-1), with Kyle and Rose playing as wing-backs in order to provide more attacking firepower in the final third.


This tactic should be retained against West Ham, with Rose and Walker once again sure to supply enough crosses a fumbling West Ham rearguard wouldn’t be able to contain all game.

Harry Kane is set to have attained the required level of match fitness following his Arsenal game and recovery/fitness program during the international break. With him sure to get enough help from Son, both are set to run circles around the visitors’ defence all day.

The formation would cause a lot of problems for West Ham, and if even an Arsenal attack with all their talents could get completely lost coming against it, the Hammers don’t have the slightest of chances.

Make the most of their chances

With 143 total chances created in 11 Premier League games, Tottenham are averaging 13 chances per game, but it isn’t reflecting in their goal conversion.

With a low 1.3 conversion rate, it’s understandable why only 15 goals have been scored thus far.

Against West Ham, Tottenham will as usual and definitely create a plethora of goal-scoring chances. It would come down to how they convert these chances that will surely come begging.

If they do, putting West Ham to the sword is guaranteed, and that victory would go a long way in helping them find their rhythm and regain foot after suffering 6 stalemates in the league.


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