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Are Tottenham Hotspur In With A Shot Of Winning The League?

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Tottenham Hotspur

Are Tottenham Hotspur In With A Shot Of Winning The League?

Tottenham Hotspur have shown amazing form recently having kept within reach of the Premier League title. They now sit just 4 points behind current leader Chelsea. Both teams have six games left to play, and although Chelsea are still favorites, they will have a fight on their hands to secure the title.

The current Premier League table results show that Chelsea have 75 points, whilst Tottenham have 71 points. Tottenham also have a slight goal difference advantage should the end of season finish equal.

Tottenham crushed Watford a couple of weeks ago in a breezy 4-0 win. Before that, they took home a stormy victory against Swansea in which they pulled together to create a crucial last moment comeback. In Saturday’s game they did nothing short of lay down a statement with a crushing 4-0 victory against Bournemouth, closing the gap and opening up the race for the title.

In fact, Tottenham have only lost one in their last 12 games (in a 2-0 away game against Liverpool), and are looking strong and ready to take on any side. Their most recent result is their 7th consecutive win in a row, and the first time any team has managed such form since 1967.

Chelsea have showed a similar level of strength most of the season. They had also only lost one match (1-2 down in a shock defeat against Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge) in their last 10 games prior to their 2-0 defeat against Manchester United at old Trafford on Saturday.

But the points that they dropped against Man United were crucial ones, putting Tottenham even more in reach of the cup. Fans are set for an exciting end-of-season title race, as Tottenham give Chelsea a good run for their money.

Tottenham have the fixtures on their side  and have already played many of their tougher games. On paper, their most difficult game is the London derby against Arsenal, but Arsene Wenger’s side have lost five out of their last 10 games, and Spurs will be going into the match as firm favorites to win.

Chelsea, on the other hand, still have a difficult run to come. After losing out three points to Manchester United, they will still have to play Everton away at the end of the month. This won’t be an easy game as Everton showings great form recently.

Spurs’ manager Mauricio Pochettino believes that his side can win every league game if they maintain their current form. If they do, then it will be up to Chelsea to hold their strength and clinch a victory. A couple of slip-ups is all it would take to put the Premier League dream within reach of Tottenham.

Yet, despite that fact that Tottenham Hotspurs have a decent shot at the league title, Chelsea are still firm favorites by far. This is a side that rarely loses a game, after all. Oddsmakers have laid down odds of 1/7 on Chelsea winning, while Tottenham have around 5/1. The two teams have been given similar odds for the FA Cup too, but no English football teams are left in the after Leicester crashed out against Atletico Madrid.

It is also still possible for both Liverpool and Manchester City to win the title, though it is extremely unlikely. Both teams would require a near perfect run, and Chelsea and Tottenham would have to suffer equally unlikely setbacks. It’s looking like a heads-up race between the two top-of-the-table sides!