Tottenham Hotspur Hope To Secure A £36million Move For Attacking Duo

Spurs Seek Soldado And Damião

Tottenham Hotspurs have started on an ambitious bid to snag two new dynamic players, Brazilian forward Leandro Damião, and wanting to pair him up with the other player they are targeting, midfielder Spaniard Roberto Soldado. The total bid is around £36 million for both strikers and would be a big win if accomplished.

Leandro Damião

Damião has been a long-term goal for the team for a while and the last attempt to sign him failed with a £16 million bid. However, the Spurs are not giving up and hope to get another player out of the deal, they are already in negotiations with the Spanish club that has Roberto Soldado. Securing them both would be a major coup for Spurs and secure them as serious about rebuilding the team, with an eye toward long-term growth.

Leandro Damião first came on the international scene back in March of 2011 for the Brazilian national team in a friendly game against Scotland. He went on to represent Brazil as part of the Olympic football team in the 2012 London Summer Games. He was the top scorer in the tournament with six goals in five games, even though Brazil ultimately lost as a runner up to Mexico. Securing his position on the team would be a real boon to the reconstruction of Spurs and go a long way to forming a force to be reckoned with, on an international level.

Roberto Soldado

An even greater deal, if Spurs can get their hands on Roberto Soldado, an impressive player who last season had 27 goals throughout the complete season. He has only recently returned to a national and international stage after a 5-year absence; Soldado continues to be a scoring powerhouse. With such a high and consistent scoring record and even a 5-year gap not slowing him down, it is little wonder that Soldado is a strong contender. Talks have already started, but it is unknown if they are fruitful or not. Mostly this depends on recent controversy and if he fails to qualify for the Champions League or not.

Setting these two players side by side with Spurs already talented team is a very exciting prospect and would be a powerful combination of talents. If Gareth Bale signs on as well, the team will become extremely well rounded with these two strikers as a team, built to play off Bale’s strengths. All bets on football are currently off though, as players and potential signers are wary and frustrated that Spurs have yet to reach the Champions League, these aggressive recruiting choices are an ambitious step toward correcting that. If all goes well, not only will Spurs end up with a team to get into the Champions League, but they will have a powerful line up to contend with as well. Given a few more of their top choices, Spurs are putting together an impressive team of talent that could easily change their fortunes in seasons to come.

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