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Top Three Under Rated Players In EPL Including Manchester United Star

Top Three Under Rated players in England Currently

No you haven’t read the title wrong! So who is an underrated player? There will always be talks and be subjects on whether the judging parameters are consistent on giving a final decision on any player. We put forward a list on those players whom we feel don’t get their values appreciated. Whether or not they are under rated might seem relative, We feel these are a handful of the folklore whose work ethic, stamina and influence on the game are hardly noticed as they get overshadowed by their flashy team mates. Feel free to slate me and do provide your valuable suggestions as we present three of the most underrated players in England currently.

Phil Jones (Manchester United):

One of the most versatile players, I have seen in the last couple of years has been United’s Phil Jones. Bought from Blackburn Rovers by Sir Alex, Jones has shown immense capability and maturity to read a game brilliantly on his own. Whether it’s his positioning on the pitch or sensing a forthcoming danger, the Englishman is always proactive to run that extra mile for his club and country and is more than willing to put his body on the line. David Moyes has perhaps started using Jones in his most favourite position, the Defensive midfielder’s slot, albeit the absence of Micheal Carrick, which shows Jones’ maturity and versatility despite being a centre back. If United are to recover their disastrous campaign so far, make no mistake Jones is an important cog in their wheel. Talking of national colours too, he might have to play a role of immense importance if England are to achieve anything rather than jeers come next summer in the Wolrd Cup in Sambaland, Brazil.