Top Ten Richest Football Players 2013

Gone are those days when football was considered as a sport played and watched by the working class. Now a days, it’s all about money. This is an era of the rich foreign owners who are willing to spend millions (even billions) of money to buy success on the field. The modern clubs have started concentrating more on global marketing to expand the football business to all corners of the world. Football players are now demanding huge salaries which may do more harm than good to the whole economic chain in long-term.

Here in the list of top ten richest football players 2013:

1. David Beckham – £175m
2. Lionel Messi – £115.5m
3. Cristiano Ronaldo – £112m
4. Kaka – £66.5m
5. Ronaldinho – £63m
6. Samuel Eto’o – £52m
7. Wayne Rooney – £50m
8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £47m
9. Frank Lampard – £45.5m
10. Fernando Torres – £42m

Former Manchester United midfielder David Beckham is still at the top even at this age. Such is his immense commercial value. Beckham is closely followed by the four times Ballond’r winner Lionel Messi. Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo takes up the third spot.

Note: the list is taken from the The Goal Rich List 2013

Written by Dinesh V

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