Top Five Judas In World Football Including United And Liverpool Stars

Top Five Judas in World Football

Everyone knows of Iscariot the Judas. He was one of the twelve apostles who betrayed Christ to the Jewish authorities in return for thirty pieces of silver. But hey! Who is a Judas in Football? As Football Fanatics, we scream in sheer delight when our favourite players produce moments of absolute magic, Clench our fists whenever they showcase their out of the world skills on the pitch, but what when these same players move to Greener pastures when fatter paycheques become the ultimate Motivation.

Not everyone is like a Gary Neville, Paolo Maldini or Steven Gerrard. We as fans tend to immortalize or grant them Cult status, but we tend to forget that for these same players Football is a profession and they have the right to choose their paycheques. But that’s the point we make that Money does make more noises than Loyalty. So here we provide the list of the Top Five Judas in World Football

Luis Figo:

I am sad to start this list with one of the greatest Players of all time. But what the Portuguese had to go through in Spain after swapping Barcelona for Real Madrid was unimaginable. Figo was one of the most loved players at the Camp Nou, but history would only remember him being the target of all object thrown at the Ground include heads of Pigs. A Traitor Indeed.

Fernando Torres:

Being a Liverpool fan, this certainly was the worst moment as the Reds Supporter. I still remember that night, when Torres declared publicly that he wanted to join Arch Rivals Chelsea for a record British Transfer. Scenes of fans burning his iconic Number 9 shirt will perhaps be forever etched in memory. Torres has struggled in Chelsea colours and maybe in his mind he would be thinking, “Liverpool was far Better”.

Ashley Cole:

Now I prefer to call him Cashley Cole. What more do you expect from this Perfect Judas who didn’t think twice to join London rivals Chelsea from Arsenal. Cole found himself embroiled in controversy when he met Chelsea Officials while still being in Arsenal Colors. To infuriate matters further, Cashley went on to say in his biography, “ I nearly crashed my car, for I was just offered £55k a week at Arsenal.” Very few people know Arsene Wenger is a French Economics Professor.

Wayne Rooney:

After scoring in the final of the youth FA Cup, the boyhood prodigy unveiled a shirt which said, “Once a Blue, Always A Blue” to showcase his dedication towards Everton. Fast Forward two years hence, Rooney joined Manchester United in a transfer deal that had eyebrows raising all over the world. Rooney showed no respect for his boyhood club by kissing the United badge in front of Everton fans after scoring against them. Rightly the Everon Fans pointed out, “Once a Blue, Now a Red, In our Hearts, You are dead”.

Sol Campbell:

For me perhaps, Campbell remains the greatest Judas in World Football. He was raised through the ranks of Tottenham’s youth system, made captain, who promised to never leave. A change of mind happened though when he left on a free for Arsenal. He played 12 years for Spurs amassing up over 300 appearances before leaving for the Gunners to play “Champions League Football”.

Honorable Mentions: Roberto Baggio, Michael Owen, Jermain Defoe, Robin Van Persie and Alan Smith

Written by Dinesh V

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