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Top Five Football Trolls

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There are two things that a football fan loves
1)See his team win
2)Make fun of other teams and their players.
“Troll” or “meme”,the thing which has been making the internet go viral for the past year or so,involves posting funny pics about players and teams.
So, top 5 trolls or “memes” of last year are :

5) Pepe-The Wrestler

Real madrid’s CB is no doubt one of the best in the world.But in last year’s spanish cup,his infamous stamp on Messi’s was described as a killer act by media. This made the footballing world often compare him to wrestlers.

4)Sergio Ramos-Space shuttle

Remember the famous penalty kick ?

This guy took a hilarious penalty in CL that even made Charlie adam and papiss cisse laugh.Not sure if it was a penalty or goal kick,but it made the internet world to go crazy.

3)Chelsea-The bus

The famous Chelsea bus

We all know that London is famous for its red bus. But, it is also same for central london,except the fact that it is blue.RDM was the caretaker manager and everyone wrote them off.But he came out with a masterplan,well not so much,yet it proved to be a success.Play all your players in your own box,except a striker.This was called as bus.Last month,Falcao demolishied it for sure.

2)Emile heskey-“the troll property”

This poor guy,could be undoubtedly as the troll property.Almost every troll ends up with him being trolled.The reason he is trolled is goal scoring avg. per game as a striker.

All hail the legend

1)Mario Balotelli-“The king of trolls”

Euro 2012 was flop ,But for “Super mario’s” celebration that made even the city fans laugh.To his funky hairstyles,foolish red cards,mischievous parties and “see-saw” lovelife,there is no doubt that he is the king of trolls.

Balotelli the best