Top 5 Premier League Tacklers This Season: Featuring Chelsea And Manchester City Superstars

Premier League – Top 5 Premier League Tacklers This Season

Tackling seems to be a dying art form, earlier, supporters loved a great tackle which would take the ball but not necessarily the man, alright, the good old days of football saw some great tackles but quite a few ones which could be called a little overenthusiastic. These days with so much protection for players, you see whistles being blown for almost any tackle coming in from side on or even from behind the man, even if the player won the ball cleanly.

We pay our respects to some of the best tacklers in the Premier League and list out the top 5 based on tackles completed from, this list only consist of those players who have completed 25 games or more this season for their club.

5. Alexandre Song – West Ham


A surprise on the list, Alex Song was one of the reasons why West Ham had such a brilliant start to the campaign. The Barcelona player on loan at West Ham was a revelation and felt like he was playing for another London club, Arsenal. Song was even touted to sign for a few big clubs, but that still hasn’t materialized. The Cameroonian averaged a brilliant 3.3 tackles made per game and comes 5th in our list.

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