Top 5 Premier League Strikers In FIFA 16: Featuring Liverpool And Manchester United Forwards

Top 5 Premier League Strikers In FIFA 16

FIFA 16’s new engine certainly makes the game more realistic and the most important aspect of this game, at least in the offline mode, is the career option. Taking control of your favourite side and leading them to success is probably the greatest joy; well it is if your side cannot win trophies in the real world.

Having a great team isn’t easy or quick in FIFA 16 but you can do a lot of scouting using the global transfer search option. You need to have world class strikers in your team, just like you need world class players in all the positions.

A top side needs a top goal-scorer and we provide you with the top five options from the Premier League.

  1. Sergio Aguero

Probably the best striker in the Premier League at the moment, at least when fit. Sergio Aguero is just as good in the game as well and has a rating of 87. The 27-year-old, in the game, is a player that everyone should try to sign but they would have to pay a bomb to get the Argentine from Manchester City.

He has a four-star rating for his weak foot and his skill rating is also a four. Certainly a player worth trying to sign, if you have the money to spend that is.

Diego Costa

The Spaniard might be returning to his best under Guus Hiddink but he has always been one of the best strikers in the Premier League in FIFA 16. Diego Costa has a rating of 86 and is only 26-years-old, most strikers continue to grow till they are 30 before they trail off.

Costa is a beast when it comes to strength and that is his greatest asset in the game as well. He isn’t as combustible in this game as in real life but if you are looking for someone who can hold his own against some of the defenders in the game, Costa is your man.

Daniel Sturridge

Sturridge might not have played many games this season for Liverpool but he isn’t the injury prone star that everyone believes he is in FIFA. The English striker is one of the fastest strikers in the game and is one of the best finishers also.

He starts off with a rating of 83 but keeps on growing and peaks at 86, certainly a player worth trying to keep especially if you like counter-attacking football.

Christian Benteke

The 24-year-old might look like a player who doesn’t fit in at Liverpool at the moment but when you do play with him, he does seem a better fit than expected. The Belgian is great in the air, holds the ball up well and is a great finisher also.

He starts off with a rating of 82 and goes on to become an 86, not bad for a player struggling in real life to find his form.

Wayne Rooney

The England captain might not be the free-scoring forward that we all have known him to be in previous seasons but he is still one of the best in the Premier League, at least in FIFA 16.

The 29-year-old starts at 86 and that is his peak, he certainly is good for a couple of seasons before he does trail off but is someone you can try to sign later on if you want someone to barge into the defence.


Written by Kevin Harrison

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