Top 5 Passers In The Premier League: Rejoice For Manchester United And Chelsea Playmakers

Every team needs a player who can pass the ball around with comfort and success, almost every team does have a player who is known to not only create those important chances for the forwards but also to keep the ball and not give it away thanks to useless passes. Keeping the ball in control and moving it about is one of the most important things in football nowadays, just ask Arsenal or more importantly Bayern Munich.

The Premier League might be a bit of a rough and tumble competition but there still are a few players who excel in the art of passing and we look at the best passers of the ball in the Premier League. We look at the best passers thanks to stats from

Yaya Toure – Manchester City

Manchester City are having a pretty woeful season, their stars are not playing up to their potential but that has not stopped Yaya ‘Cake’ Toure being one of their better passers. The Ivorian hasn’t assisted as many goals but he does have one of the best passing rates with 89% accuracy, he also averages 1.22 key passes per game, which is a good stat but not good enough for this season.

Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea


Chelsea Fabregas Costa

The star of the first half of the season for Chelsea, he along with Diego Costa were wreaking havoc with the defences and goals were coming left right and centre. His assists have dried up from the new year but he is one of the best passers of the ball, you wouldn’t need stats to prove this, he averages 2.34 key passes per game and also provides 0.6 assists per game, certainly one of the best passers this season.

David Silva – Manchester City


If Toure is the engine, Silva would be the aerodynamic wings of the Manchester City car. Silva has been excellent for City ever since he joined them from Valencia. The Silky Spaniard averages 3 key passes per game and also boasts and accuracy of 86%, however, his assists column has been hit hard this season with only 0.16 assists per game.

Fernandinho – Manchester City

Manchester City dominate this list, they might have wished if they had dominated the league. The Brazilian hasn’t been the greatest player this season but his passing cannot be faulted. He has an accuracy of 88% and even chips in with at least one key pass per game.

Ander Herrera – Manchester United

Ander Herrera
Ander Herrera

Herrera, like most of Manchester United’s players might have taken some time to get used to Van Gaal’s philosophy but he has excelled in the passing department and apart from an 89% accuracy with his passing, he averages an assist every four games and also provides one key pass per game. A good start to his career in England.

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