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Top 5 Goalie Gloves in 2020

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Adidas Gloves

The end of the football season is fast approaching, with lots of gear having already been released in 2020. Some remakes of old favourites and some new additions promise another fantastic year for football.

Finding the right goalie gloves is an exercise in dedication. Some may have the right fit but poor ball handling or a good wet grip but poor cushioning. In short, it would help to have a guide featuring the best options to choose from.

This article is exactly that guide. Below, you’ll find the five best goal keeping gloves available in 2020.


Adidas Ace Trans Fingersave Pro

Adidas is a brand favoured by some of the best goalies in the world. Neuer, Casillas, and De Gea are just some of the big names that use Adidas gloves.

The Adidas Ace Trans Fingersave Pro goalie glove is among the most adaptable and all-around flexible gloves you’ll ever put on your hands. The improved tech strap provides excellent stability. In addition, they feature latex foam palms that make them excellent for both catching and throwing.

The design looks very polished with minimal seams showing. They’re supported with Adidas’s Fingersave spine. The finger-protecting construction significantly decreases the impact of shots on your fingers and keeps your hands fresh throughout a match.

They provide a comfortable fit for most keepers and have a great contact area that uses the entire palm of the glove. Latex and elastane foam make these a durable choice. However, if they retain even small traces of mud that impacts the grip significantly.

Nike Vapor Grip 3

One of Nike’s classic models, it continues to be among the most popular. Over the years Nike has released updated versions of the Vapor Grips but there’s not much to fix on a glove that already does pretty much everything.

All the Vapro Grips, have a superb contact surface. The palms are lined with Nike’s four-millimetre Contact Plus foam that performs excellently, whether you’re in wet or dry conditions.

These goal keeping gloves are made using top-quality materials, making them both durable and comfortable. They have a hybrid cut that improves ball control and are supremely light and manageable.

The only real drawback about the Nike Vapor Grip 3 is that it’s hard to get your hands on a pair as they’re often out of stock.

Reusch Pure Contact

Reusch designed their Pure Contact gloves to be all-rounders, but they’ve mostly become famous for a single feature:

They’re the lightest glove you’ll find in their category. At only 88 grams, you’ll barely feel them when you put them on. They’re so light because they use a minimalist design and cut which also makes them outstandingly comfortable.

They’re designed to be a one-piece construction and fit almost like a second skin.

They have latex G3 Fusion palms which give them a wonderful grip in all types of weather.

Puma EvoDisc

Puma’s EvoDisc is another favourite of some of the most renowned names in football, including Gigi Buffon. Their biggest claim to fame is a unique closure system, similar to the Boa closure design. It uses laces strung through the glove that are adjustable via a rotating disc.

The closure system allows you to tighten or loosen the gloves dynamically, giving you a perfect fit every time. The gloves extend well into the forearm, which many keepers like because it provides much-needed wrist protection.

They have a hybrid cut with a wide catch zone and the palms are lined with Pumas Ultimate Grip latex that makes them feel almost adhesive when gripping a ball. In addition, the Strikezone punching areas on the back make clearances easy on your hands.

The one drawback that they have is a hefty price tag at most outlets.

Uhlsport Eliminator Supergrip

These are a relatively old model, but they’re still just as popular as ever.

As the name implies, their palms are lined with patented Supergrip latex that provides outstanding control. They perform a little better when dry but won’t disappoint in wet environments either.

If you’re looking for durable gloves, you’ve found them. These will outlast most other goal keeping gloves on the market.

Their superb grip coupled with durable construction, and 360-degree wrist strap makes these an excellent choice for most goalies.

The Best Goalie Glove for You

Any of these gloves are a good choice. But they all excel in different areas.

If you just want a glove that won’t let you down and you don’t have to think about too much, consider the Nike Vapor Grip 3. On the other hand, if you want the lightest pro glove you can get, Puma’s EvoDisc is for you.

And, if you just want a glove that’s going to let you hold on to the ball as if it was covered in glue, try Uhlsport’s Eliminator.