Top 5 Chelsea Fan Chants

Chelsea Fan Chants
Chelsea Fan Chants

Chelsea Football Club, the famous Blues from West London have some really loud fans when it comes to chanting and getting behind the team and they aren’t really shy of out-singing the other fan bases and singing with pride! Over the years, with the rise of Chelsea, there have been several chants that have become famous at the Bridge and here are Top 5 Chelsea Fan Chants.

Top 5 Chelsea Fan Chants 

1)  Keep The Blue Flag Flying High

“ Flying High,
Up in the sky,
We’ll keep the Blue flag Flying High
From Stamford Bridge
To Wembley
We’ll keep the Blue flag Flying High”

This famous Chelsea Chant which can be heard almost during every match of Chelsea is sung to the tune of the socialist song “ The Red Flag” which itself was based upon the melody of German, Carol O Tannenbaum.  “ O Tannebaum” Is a German Song from the year 1824 which was translated as “ O Christmas Tree”

2) Carefree- We Are The Famous C-F-C

“ Carefree, wherever we may be
we are the famous C-F-C
and we don’t give a F***
whoever you may be
Coz we are the famous C-F-C”

Carefree is the chant proudly sung by the Chelsea faithful especially at away games which are meant to demonstrate indifference and belligerence during an hostile environment. The chant is based on the tune of “ Lord of Dance” written by English song writer Sydney Carter way back in 1963 and Sydney borrowed  the tune from American Shake Song “ Simple Gifts”

3) Chelsea Till I Die

“ Chelsea Till I Die
I’m Chelsea Till I Die,
I know I am
I’m sure I am
Chelsea till I Die “

Although there is no authentic information about where the chant came from, it must be a chant that really displays loyalty from the Chelsea Fans because the lyrics are simple but largely effective. Chelsea have sung this across Wembley once and they are not a bit shy to sing it at the bridge too and this is one of the few chants which are heard very distinctly and where every fan would voluntarily pitch in to raise the noise!

4) Super Chelsea

“Super Chelsea FC
We’re by far the greatest team
The world has ever seen………..”

It might probably be termed as delusion but for the Chelsea fans? It’s certainly not that at all.  This is one of the most commonly heard chants during both the away and home games.

5) Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea (Or) C’mon Chelsea, C’mon Chelsea, C’mon Chelsea

While the former chant is usually sung when the Royal Blues of London are in a commanding lead, the latter chant is sung only when the team needs a lifting and thousands and thousands pitch in to raise the volume to get behind their favourite club.

At every single match, these are the most commonly used chants  whenever the fans feel like chanting, the chants are taken up with full flow so that it resonates around every part of the bridge and probably outside it too!

Written by Syed Shaiban

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