Top 5 Celtic Fan Chants

Glasgow giants Celtic have strong backing from their loyal supporters. The fans indeed have some intriguing chants that keep the stadium fired up. Let’s find out the top 5 Celtic fan chants.    

In 1887, Celtic was formed in an attempt to minimize poverty in the Irish immigrant population. However, the team developed itself as one of the top teams in the country in later years. The 1967 European Cup winners have a fierce rivalry with the Rangers.

The fans from both ends compete on and off the stadium. But Celtic makes sure to create a threatening environment by chanting songs when their team plays in the Celtic Park. So, let’s find out the best 5 of them.

Latest Celtic fan Chant

Portuguese youngster Diego Jota has had an impressive spell since joining Celtic on loan in the summer of 2021. Running down the left flank, Jota has been creating crucial chances for Celtic in every match.

The Portuguese has bagged an incredible number of goals and assists, which have helped his team put up a fight in the league. The Celtic fans are certainly in awe of the youngster as they have already started chanting his name.      

When you score you make the Celtic sing
Jota on the wing, Jota Jota on the wing
Every time you’re on the ball we know
There’s gonna be a goal
our superstar from Portugal

5. Just Can’t Get Enough

This chant reflects the intense love of the supporters of the team. The narrator pictures Celtic as a beautiful lover and praises the club immensely. The narrator talks about how he continuously falls in love with the team. Celtic fans have been a significant power source for the players.

Their chants and songs help the players boost their energy on the field and produce more effective performance. However, when a high pitch song might affect the communication between home players. ‘Just Can’t Get Enough ‘is a perfect light-hearted song that maintains the game’s tempo without breaking the players’ concentration.        

4. Hail, Hail / Grand Old Team

Founded initially to alleviate poverty in 1887, Celtic have come a long way. The 51 times Scottish League champions have given the fans immense joy for several years.

This chant is a way for the fans to remind the opponents about the history and success of ‘the grand old team’. They even suggest in the song that anyone who knows the history of Celtic understands the high stakes involved whenever the club features.                 

3. Fields of Athenry

The original version of ‘Fields of Athenry’ was written in 1979 by Pete St. John. It tells the story of a feminine stricken man who lives near Athenry in County Galway. He stole food in order to feed his starving family.

But he was later sentenced to transportation to the Australian penal colony at Botany Bay for his crime. The song has a great value among the Celtic fans because their club was also born with the purpose to minimize poverty in the Irish immigrant community. Even though the club has come a long way, the fans chant this song to remind themselves and their players about their roots.  

2. The 67 song

1967 was a historic year for Celtic because they won the European Cup for the first time in their history. Even though Inter Milan received the lead through a penalty inside 10 minutes, Celtic secured an incredible comeback win through the goals of Thomas Gemmell and the tournament’s joint second-highest scorer Stevie Chalmers.

The title still renaissance the only European cup in the club’s history. The supporters sing the 67 songs in order to relish the achievement and celebrate it together.   

1. Celtic Symphony

Through this song, the Celtic fans reflect how they feel about their home stadium, Celtic Park. They have compared their stadium with ‘paradise’ and have reflected that Lion sleeps in it ( indicating the power and aggressiveness of their team).

The fans troll their opponents by mentioning them as ‘Evil eyes’ who don’t belong in paradise. The Celtic fans thrive while singing this chant because it gives them immense pleasure and enjoyment at the same time. The Celtic Park is like a home to many loyal supporters, and they showcase their true love through this chant.

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Written by Surajit Das

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